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Bay Area residents begin cleaning up after 4 tornadoes landed on Friday

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. Four tornadoes are said to have been launched on Friday afternoon in the Bay Area counties as a series of violent storms swiftly swirled through the area and across the state.

It is believed to be an EF-1 tornado landing in New Port Richey on Friday afternoon, part of a long series of storms that demolished roofs, knocked down trees and left thousands without electricity.

Tornadoes were also confirmed in Spring Hill, Hernando County, Seminole, Pinellas County and Land O & # 39; Lakes in Pasco County. Damage was reported to homes in Larendale Circle. About seventeen houses had roof damage.

In Seminole was planned to open at least two accommodations for those affected by storm damage residents.

On Friday afternoon, a total of 14 tornado warnings were issued.

Until 12:30 clock 449 TECO customers were without electricity. | Check the failure card

Between 500 and 2,000 Duke Energy customers are de-energized, especially in Pinellas County. | Check the failure card

Areas heavily affected by the storms

Some of the worst damage reports come from the Hernando district, where at least 20 houses were damaged.

Spring Hill residents said the weather started like a normal thunderstorm in the afternoon and the next thing they knew they were taking cover.

"It literally just felt like we were in a blender mixing food, strawberries, bananas and BOOM, out of nowhere," said Devan Kirland.

Kirland said the tornado had torn open her porch and pulled off parts of her roof.

"The damage was now fast and very expensive," Kirland said.

Another resident of Spring Hill said they were shocked when she heard that a tornado had happened.

"We did not hear a train coming, so we said it could not have been a tornado, so when we came outside, we were shocked to see the road, which was all damaged, our side had little. " Said Jane Daley.

Spectrum Bay News 9 Reporter Laurie Davison said she had already seen blue tarpaulins in people's homes when the shingles broke. She also saw a lot of trees down in yards, even on some houses.

Mitchell Wajda, a resident of Seminole, said the storm was blowing from his roof and most of his belongings are now ruined.

"Everything's wet because of the rain, it's all wet, whatever high cabinets were, they're all in a heap, a lot of mess," Wajda said.

Wajda spent the night in one of the shelters opened by the Red Cross at Christ Lutheran Church in St. Pete. And despite his own loss, Wajda is still worried about others.

"I'm so sorry for so many people out there because there's a lot of damage out there," he said.

Seminole's John Zimmerman also said that his mobile home at Conrad Mobile Park has suffered a great deal of damage.

"The wind started to blow, it sounded like a freight train and I heard a pile of metal crumble," he said. "I looked out of the window and the wind blew so fast it would have ripped someone off their feet, and I felt the pendant tremble."

The National Weather Service said seven houses in the 3400 block of Player Drive in the Fairway Springs subdivision were damaged.

Neighbors said the power had failed as the storms prevailed.

"I know there are several elderly ladies here so I came down to make sure everyone was fine, that's the important thing, you can get your house back, you can not get anyone back," said US President Linda Maxwell.

The storms on Friday were so strong that they tore down several trees and shredded several Lanais at home with Linda Langheld.

"Part of the branches went through the bathroom windows, and the rest was at the top," said Langheld.

Langheld was not home when the storm hit, but returned to the severe damage.

"We did a lot to improve the property and update it, which was not part of our restoration plans," said Langheld.

In the same neighborhood, Kathy Schrader visited her sister when she heard the warnings of the tornado.

"The rain came sideways and the branches were blowing, and then we heard a big kabab," said Schrader.

This loud noise was another big tree splitting in the front yard. Fortunately, most of the branches fell forward.

"We had neighbors, the fire department, the police, and now the cleaners, so we're very happy," said Schrader.

Barn lands on the car

While most homes in the Turtle Creek area were barely or not damaged, Maryann Plattner, 73, was unfortunate that her neighbor's barn landed on her car.

In her 43 years living in her house on State Route 60, Plattner said she has never seen anything like it.

She survived seven heart attacks, and almost another watched as the stable flew over the fence and headed straight for her.

"I stood there, and the wind was blowing the wind right over the window, and I said, 'Please, sir, do not let that hit my car. Bang. That's where it went, "said Plattner.

To make things worse, a branch fell into their garden and destroyed their screen room, the new garden furniture and the fence.

Only one other house nearby was slightly damaged.

Plattner hopes that some help will come sooner rather than later. The

– Stephanie Claytor, reporter

Polk County effects

Friday's storm split pines in the Mulberry area, Pine Lake, into two halves.

65 km / h winds were reported near Lakeland Linder International Airport. But looking at the damage, people in Pine Lake think a funnel cloud has passed over them.

"When it came through, I thought," Oh, it's just another storm, "until I looked out of my bedroom and saw the trees snapping in the back," recalls Kathy Goodwin.

"That actually scared me more than Irma at 125 mph when winds came through my house. I was prepared for Irma. But I got the warning of the storm when he hit the house, "Goodwin added.

– Stephanie Claytor, reporter

Central Florida Effects

As the line of storms moved east, the inhabitants of Lake County felt their effects. Strong winds blew down trees, which in turn shut off power lines.

One of these disconnected power lines triggered a fire at the intersection of Buckhill Road on Howey Cross Road near Clermont.

A homeowner we spoke to said he could only watch trees and limbs collapse in his front yard and damage his house.

"I watched it through the window and the door and saw it coming down," said Umadat Persaud. "But you just have to look at it and let go."

The rundown power lines left some residents of Lake County without power for several hours.

Click on the link to see some of our time-stamped updates during the storm on Friday.

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