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Bayern: fight between Coman and Lewandowski: That says Streitschlichter Süle

On the sidelines of the match in Düsseldorf, Niklas Süle and FCB sports director Hasan Salihamidzic comment on the fight between two Bayern stars.

18:33: Also Niklas Süle said after the Dusseldorf game to brawl: "The two also know that they should not hit the mouth in training," said the national team on Sunday evening, "emotions are among them. We are a lively force, there can sometimes be disputes. But what they did is not part of it. "

Süle had intervened in the dispute as mediator. "I tried it with my body," the center-back said with a chuckle, "but that's not so easy when the mood is so aggressive." The issue has now been cleared up anyway: "You shake hands after that and then it's done . "

Update from April 14, 3:38 pm: Before the Bundesliga away game at Fortuna Dusseldorf also FC Bayern sports director Hasan Salihamidzic has said about the heated battle during the training of the record champions a few days ago on the Säbener road. There, the stars Robert Lewandowski and Kingsley Coman were not only clashed verbally, but also physically.

From SkyReporter Ecki Heuser was addressed to the Bosnians and admitted that the incidents may have been a bit too much of a good thing. "The guys shook hands after that. If we implement 80 percent of the aggressiveness, we will win. The fists do not have to fly, "said Salihamidzic. In addition, he took the opportunity to strengthen FCB coach Niko Kovac his back: "The coach has solved that well." A very surprising statement. Like Niko Kovac, the sports director minimizes the argument between the two offensive players.

How the team of Bayern beats at the Fortuna from Dusseldorf, you can follow here in the live ticker.

Therefore it should have come to the fight between Coman and Lewandowski

Update from April 12th, 1:38 pm: Niko Kovac commented on the situation between Kingsley Coman and Robert Lewandowski at the press conference. "There was a gruffness of the said player. We discussed it with three after the training. They are very sorry that this happened. There is no fine because they were very reasonable. It's shelved, "Kovac said.

Should have beaten together: Kingsley Coman and Robert Lewandowski.

© picture alliance / dpa / Marius Becker

The coach did not want to allow any inquiries. But from the journalists squad came the demand, why the two then argued. The simple answer of the Bayern coach: "The trigger was training. In training there are emotions. But it is also a good sign: we live ". Living on Sunday (14 April 2019) against Dusseldorf must be alive, the Bayern may leave no points. Therefore, Kovac was now clear and took his players to the duty.

Update from April 12th, 10:33 am: What was the brawl about? The picture now wants to know what the fight was about. A small prehistory between the two quarrels may have been there. Apparently, the barrel of Poland has defected, because he, according to the tabloid, for a long time to be annoyed by the style of the Frenchman.

Lewandowski is said to have waved off in the past every now and then, if Coman acted too stubborn. The same accusation is allegedly also from the side Comans. The Frenchman should not be impressed by the style of Lewandowski. Too many dribbles on your own initiative.

What are Kovac's penalties today?

Update from April 12: How will Niko Kovac speak? The record champion referred to requests from various media for the press conference, which will take place today at 1.30 pm (live ticker here). Kovac reportedly reacted calmly. Did not send the two professionals into the cabin. Why he has reacted like and what penalties the two get, he will probably tell at the press talk.

Lewandowski and Coman fight each other in training

Update from April 12, 2019, 6:30 am: That the two thugs Robert Lewandowski and Kingsley Coman on the pitch do not always agree, is also frequently observed at games of FC Bayern Munich. If the French international once again attaches to one of his dreaded speed dribbles and the ball then does not come precisely enough to the center forward, there are angry looks from the Pole towards Coman.

Bayern: Robert Lewandowski and Kingsley Coman beating each other in training

Notification of April 11, 2019:

Munich – brawl in Bayern training! Kingsley Coman and Robert Lewandowski intervened and had to be dragged apart by teammates.

Ironically, after the gala against Borussia Dortmund, the two offensive stars crash the mood at FCB right back to zero. The argument in the second half of the training on Thursday should have been anything but squeamish approached. The image wants to have learned the details of the incident in secret training and reported in detail. The players probably hit each other with their fists in the face.

According to the report coach Niko Kovac has worked with the entire team on the positional game, as Lewandowski began to mock towards Coman. The Frenchman did not like that and the discussion turned into a real fight in a few moments.

Brawl at Bayern: Boateng and Süle can not end the fight

Ironically, the two defense cabinets Niklas Süle and Jerome Boateng are the first to try to end the fight. The emphasis here is on "trying", because even the powerful Suleo Boa double did not manage to finally bring Lewandowksi and Coman apart, who did not want to part with each other. The team had to intervene collectively.

Fighting at Bayern: Niko Kovac continues to train

In contrast to Lewandowski and Coman, Niko Kovac should have been very lenient. First, he wanted to send the two strikers from the field, but then allowed grace and continued the training – including beating duo. Quite to the astonishment of the remaining Bayern professionals.

FCB-Star compares Kovac with Ancelotti – and brings in addition to unrest

For unrest at Bayern now also provides an interview of a name not mentioned FCB stars with ESPN. The player compares Kovac with Ancelotti – which was not meant positively.


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