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A pen for victory and for the next contract

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Bavaria takes a big step towards the quarter-finals

FC Bayern made a big step towards the Champions League quarter-finals with a win at Chelsea. The Munich team prevailed in the first knockout round in London.

Bayern’s 3-0 win at Chelsea is above all a win for coach Flick. He chose the right tactics and can hope for a future with the master. Club boss Rummenigge euphorically promises him a new contract.

Dhe FC Bayern has sent an important signal with the clear and well-deserved win at Chelsea. It was the sixth consecutive victory for a German team in international competition. The Bundesliga is currently showing that this season it has the potential and the realistic chance to improve the recently bitter record in Europe-wide competition. All six German clubs start the second leg with a win from the first game.

The success of the Munich team – the first of a German team in Chelsea – was above all a victory for Hans-Dieter “Hansi” Flick. It was the first game in which he really had something to lose. It was also in this round of 16 of the Champions League whether the 55-year-old is eligible for a longer term.

Flick chose the right tactic in London. And can already plan for the quarter-finals in three weeks before the second leg in Munich.

For his predecessor Niko Kovac, the knockout round of the premier class was the beginning of the end, the early end against Liverpool FC was long after him. For Flick, it can be the beginning of a successful knockout series. Under him, Bayern played much braver than back then in Liverpool.

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They performed very concentrated at Stamford Bridge. Manuel Neuer, Jerome Boateng, Thiago, Serge Gnabry, Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski – the axis of Munich works. Boateng and Davies are the big winners this week at Bayern. Boateng plays confidently and is set in contrast to Lucas Hernandez’s record purchase. Davies has developed into an important regular force faster than expected.

FC Bayern has passed the first real endurance test of its season so far in the Champions League in London. In this form, you can count on him in the fight for the final. Club boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge gave Flick a pen on Tuesday night at the record champion’s banquet on behalf of the club and emphasized that it was sometimes used to sign papers at FC Bayern. He clearly offered Flick a new contract and praised him for his work.

A special proof of trust after a special evening.



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