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Bayern: Tense as in the relegation battle

From the stadium of Matthias Schmid

Serge Gnabry stood in the basement of the Fröttmaninger Arena in front of the elevator and wiped his mobile phone with interest. The footballer of Bayern had on Saturday evening after the Bundesliga match against SC Freiburg, many congratulations. He was the one who had scored the 1-0 in the 80th minute for the Munich, a nice goal after a nice dribble. But the congratulations had certainly also sneaked into questions how the Munich could not win the game in the usual way, with a little luck and skill.

Gnabry himself was one of the few who allowed and answered these questions after the 1: 1. Captain Manuel Neuer and also national player Joshua Kimmich were wordlessly rushed through the catacombs. "Nothing should burn after my goal," said Gnabry, sounding as astonished as a meteorologist who had predicted a pleasantly sunny day but must now declare snowfall. "We have to make it 1-0 over time."

Kimmich is developing into a security risk


This popular phrase from the football dictionary had been almost desperate for Thomas Müller before. Normally it does not come out of the mouth of Bayern professionals, rather belong to these ritualized formulations to the standard repertoire of colleagues who are relegated. But for Bayern these days must feel like relegation battle. "It's emotionally difficult," Müller admitted, "the sting after a 1-1 draw against Freiburg is deep, but it does not help if we fall apart now, we have to show our colors and pull ourselves together."

How seriously the situation with the German record champion really is embodied Müller himself best. The Oberbayer likes to pretend to be Karl Valentin of the Bundesliga, he brightens up the mood even after defeats with a neat slogan. But this time he looked almost statesmanlike, like a minister in the government crisis, he weighed every word carefully. He not only spoke more seriously than usual, but also slower. "We are in great turmoil right now, but we need to change in the Champions League as far as the entrancing is concerned," he said. He knows for sure that his team is far away from the otherwise so confident football. The Munich play in these days quite heavy, strangely tired, they occur. Without self-confidence, sophistication and power forward – and prone to error backwards. "We therefore have to act against Athens again more enthusiastic and take the momentum to Dortmund," said Müller.

Salihamidzic admits: "Joy was missing somehow"

The persistent Bavarian inertia can explain Müller but just as unconvincing as sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, who admitted frankly after the game that the "joy was missing, somehow". And what makes him even more worried wrinkles on the brow is the fact that opponents like Freiburg are equally dangerous, "if they come in our half". Now they want to analyze everything in peace, sent Salihamidzic still afterwards.

If it goes to Müller, the processing of the 1: 1 against the SC Freiburg may not take too long: "We must not quarrel and hesitate." But how much he forgive the victory occupied showed his knowledge of the balance sheet of the Baden against Bayern. "That was a historic loss of points for us and has not existed since 1997," said Müller.

At least Gnabry made the door to the Bayern cabin a crack after the game. "The mood was not great," he admitted. But he did not want to reveal more. Even Bayern President Uli Hoeneß refused to comment on the 1: 1, which felt like a defeat for all involved. Only one sentence left him after the game and he was expressly not on the game, but on the rumor that the European big clubs would plan a super league: "This is a hoax," said Hoeneß.

How tense the mood must be, you could then hear in the answers of Salihamidzic. Asked by a reporter if Kovac's job was in danger after a defeat in Dortmund, he replied harshly: "Do not ask me such a stupid question." After that he left no further questions and hurried away.

Bayern sands against Freiburg

The Munich take on the team of Christian Streich quite deserved in the 89th minute equalizer. Before the duel with BVB, the team is far from the best form.

By Tim Brack




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