Bayrou recognizes that the MoDem has “recasé” employees in Brussels

Bayrou recognizes that the MoDem has “recasé” employees in Brussels

The democratic Movement (MoDem) has placed some of its employees from european parliamentarians during a ” period of predicament “, explains François Bayrou in an interview with the newspaper South-West published Friday, June 23.

Replaced Wednesday by Nicole Belloubet to the ministry of justice after his departure from the government, the president of the MoDem, back to the town hall of Pau, has repeated his denial in the face of suspicions of ‘ghost’ employees and assistants of meps from the MoDem. The prosecutor’s office in Paris has opened a preliminary inquiry at the beginning of June to shed light on these suspicions.

” In a period of bad passes as all political formations have known, you are looking at recaser a maximum of employees, people you trust. It turns out that the european parliamentarians were looking for local assistants. It is recommended that these people “, ” said Mr. Bayrou.

” Not by chance “

In an article published on Thursday, we revealed that the centrist party has used the eu funds in 2009, after the setback of electoral registered in legislative elections of 2007. Only three members are elected at the Palais-Bourbon, melting and staffing public. In 2009, the party won six meps. A series of amendments were then signed to switch to the permanent on posts attached to the european parliamentarians. Fifteen of the contracts at issue have been identified.

The mayor of Pau reiterated in South-West the ” character “ of the human resources management to the MoDem and its denunciation of a campaign of lies :

” I think that all of this does not come by accident. A number of forces, powers who hate the idea of a law on the moralization of the public life act. “

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