‘Baywatch’ icon Pamela Anderson looks good old-fashioned in Insta photos

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Pamela Anderson has shared a new set of photos on Instagram showing off her amazing looks to the world. It Baywatchicon is currently in the spotlight for her upcoming documentary on Netflix.

Anderson stars on Variety’s new cover. In total, the celebrity has shared four stylish photos, in which she is beautifully depicted in different outfits.

Anderson is currently busy promoting her documentary Pamela, a love storywhich will be released on Netflix on January 31.

The celebrity wanted to make this documentary so that she could finally take control of her life story.

She will also soon be releasing a book with the title Love, Pamela.

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Anderson is showered with compliments for the photo series. “Your hair looks absolutely phenomenal. You are the prettiest blonde out there!someone writes enthusiastically in the comments.

Another fan comments: “Pam, you really are the epitome of classic beauty“.

Anderson has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and that will increase in the near future now that she is back in the spotlight for her documentary and book.

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