The scandal involving Ksenia Sobchak is gaining momentum. Topic
plagiarism in the posts of TV presenter raised a famous blogger Lena Miro. She blamed
TV star in the absence of intelligence and called "bazaar magpie-thief."

Ksenia Sobchak is a peteushnitsa who can hardly write. She is
cannot invent anything of his own, and therefore steals other people's thoughts even without
mention the author, sure Lena Miro.
"Plagiarism in itself is a bad thing. The author was tormented,
hatched thoughts, thought out what to write, and then some
a creature that betrays your labor for yours. Only smart can write well
people. Fools cannot invent anything of their own, and therefore they steal. Same
makes Ksenia Sobchak, posing as someone else’s thoughts for her own, even without the slightest mention
author, "- writes a blogger.
According to Miro, Ksenia Sobchak can be considered smart only
lovers watch the ups and downs of the glass life of the participants in the “public
"House-2". TV presenter looks like an intellectual only on the background
The participants of this reality show. Days wrote about how the TV presenter got into a mess. Ksenia Sobchak issued other people's lines for their own. Celebrity has published in a personal Instagram a touching text, calling to be more gracious, kinder and more sincere. "There are close ones. There are strangers. There are those who indirectly go with you in life, not really influencing her, but being present for some reason. who is not, who deserves your trust, who breathes what and what attitude these people have towards you, ”Ksenia Sobchak wrote.

 However, users of the social network have noticed that these lines belong not to Ksenia Sobchak at all, but to the poetess Angelica Hoffman. This is part of an essay that a girl published on the Internet over a year ago. Noted in the comments and the author herself, who had fought Ksenia Sobchak for plagiarism.


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