BBB and Van der Plas threatened by the extreme right –

In far-right circles, Caroline van der Plas is seen as a traitor and tool of the enemy. ‘Via social media and e-mails I am told that I am a ‘farmer traitor’. I’m called a ‘cartel whore’, or a ‘WEF puppet,'” she said, terms that seem to come from the corner of FvD.

BBB does not want to comment on the intimidations, writes De Volkskrant. “We don’t want to talk about this now,” says campaign manager Henk Vermeer. ‘This is possible for Caroline again more pose threats.’ The NCTV also ‘never makes statements about the safety of persons or possible security measures’.

In Today Inside, Van der Plas said he fears people who ‘spread all sorts of theories about me’ and ‘are convinced that I am evil’. In the summer she already canceled her public appearances because of threats, ‘the last few weeks it has been very restless again’, she told the table of VI.

Forum has already publicly launched the hunt for BBB through Gideon van Meijeren. Van der Plas’ big profit stinks, is the verdict on the conspiracy channels. ‘Coincidentally’, Dienie Kars writes on her site one day after the elections, ‘an almost unknown small party BBB easily won in all 12 provinces’. For her there is no doubt. ‘We are already used to a lot of electoral fraud worldwide, but the Netherlands took the crown yesterday.’

Bron(nen): Volkskrant