THE BBC has triggered a social media reaction after using the word "snowpeople" instead of snowman.

The 20-year-old Catie Munnings presenter CBeebies used the term in the series Amazing Machines.

She said, "Snow is incredible, you can build snowmen and ride a sleigh."

But the term left the viewer confused, and one blamed the station as "PC garbage."

He wrote: "Dress CBeebes for my daughter and they refer to 'snowmen'.

"Seriously, what is the world doing now? "

Twitter users

"More PC garbage and indoctrination from the BBC, another reason to get rid of the royalty."

Another angry: "Seriously, what is the world now?

"It can not be Snowman Frosty anymore, but must the Snowman be Frosty? Joker."

British Good morning presenter Pier Morgan added, "Right, I'm going to build a non-binary, gender-specific, flowing snow staff."

BACKLASH: The use of the word "snowmen" by CBeebies presenter Catie Munnings has triggered criticism (Image: GETTY / BBC)

FURY: A viewer called the term "snowman" "PC garbage". (Image: BBC)

Catie Munnings

STAR: Catie Munnings presents CBeebies Show Amazing Machines (Image: GETTY)

And another viewer said, "I'm all in favor of things being PC so as not to be insulting, racist, ageist and sexist, etc.

"But that's really going too far, it's ridiculous now, sometimes even a joke.

"I'm sorry, but being a PC is simply what most people would call tactful and polite."

Daily Star Online has contacted the BBC to comment.


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