Home Entertainment BBC Spotlight presenter Victoria Graham shares affair with husband Simon McCoy

BBC Spotlight presenter Victoria Graham shares affair with husband Simon McCoy


BBC Spotlight presenter Victoria Graham has separated with her husband, Simon McCoy, after allegedly having an 18-month affair with their boss.

The alleged affair between Victoria Graham, 44, and senior news editor Jon Gripton caused a sensation in the BBC's offices that her lover had moved to a new post, Spiegel reports.

Simon, 58, is a former royal correspondent, while Ms. Victoria appeared in the Spotlight news station here in the West Country.

The couple had reportedly met at a polo game in Windsor before marrying in 2007.

McCoy told the Daily Mail, "It's very sad."

"I just want to say that I give Victoria my best wishes for her future."

According to news reports, Victoria has been on screen for some time without a wedding ring.

It was alleged that she had dealt with Spotlight editor Gripton, 52, 18 months ago.

The relationship caused "much unease" among her colleagues.

Gripton retired from his role in September to become chief news editor at the BBC.

Victoria herself said the separation of her marriage was an "incredibly sad time." The couple had gone through a failed fertility treatment together.

She said, "After years of living, failed fertility treatment, and the death of my father, life is changing.

"Every time I see Simon on TV, I feel enormously proud – his career is getting stronger."

Simon McCoy
Simon McCoy

She added that the couple had remained "very good friends".

Gripton was approached for comment.

The BBC Spotlight website contains the following details about Victoria's current career:

"Victoria has returned to the southwestern United States to present BBC Spotlight with her longtime friend and colleague Justin Leigh, with whom she had previously presented the program for seven years.

"Over the past three years, Victoria has worked in and around London to improve her current affairs skills. She not only presented a world affairs program on the radio station Monocle 24, but was also news channel at the African channel Arise News, reporter for BBC London News, news channel for British Forces Broadcasting Service and producer for BBC Weather Center.

She said, "If you return to BBC Spotlight, you can come home. I feel incredibly happy to be part of the Southwest family again. "

"Victoria loves to sing, cook and especially go out with her dogs Grizzle and Scampi."

McCoy presents the weekday from 2 to 5 pm in the BBC News.

In September 2013, McCoy Viral aired a live broadcast after accidentally picking up a refill of A4 printer paper instead of his iPad while presenting himself in front of the camera.

A BBC spokeswoman said, "When Simon McCoy was preparing for the launch of this story this morning, instead of using a tablet to hold his breath, he mistakenly took a paper sitting next to it.

"In the hustle and bustle of live news, he had no opportunity to share the articles, so he just went along."




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