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BC's Princess Louisa Inlet has the highest waterfall in North America (video + photos)

Princess Louisa Inlet
Photo of Princess Louisa Inlet: Elana Shepert / Vancouver is awesome

The Princess Louisa Inlet is a place of astonishing beauty: from the towering granite walls that rise from the ocean to the rapids of Chatterbox Falls, the Inlet awakens the mind.

And while much of this pristine paradise is protected, a whopping 800 hectares of watershed and 4.5 kilometers of waterfront promenade are for sale.

The BC Parks Foundation, the official charity partner of BC Parks, hopes to raise enough money to buy the land before it is presented to other potential buyers. They have already raised $ 2 million but will have to raise $ 3 million before the deadline.

The deadline is this August.

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Andrew Day, Chief Executive Officer of the BC Parks Foundation, about why the bay is unique among the natural treasures of British Columbia.

"It's a mecca for boaters, definitely in the Pacific Northwest," notes Day. "You are simply enchanted by the place."

The Princess Louisa Inlet has been a prime boat destination for over 100 years and much of the financial support has been provided by the boat community so far.

Tag adds that the bay is also home to a number of wildlife including grizzly bears, mountain goats, a spectacular variety of birds and many marine animals. In addition, the lush watershed hosts lichen and moss communities as well as other flora and fauna.

"Whenever you have mature growth forests, you have a lot of biodiversity," he notes. "Not only British Columbia, but people from all over the world realize how unique and special this place is."

In addition, James Bruce Falls, the highest measured waterfall in North America, crashes into the triumphant granite walls of the bay and Chatterbox Falls at an impressive 2,755 feet. Chatterbox Falls is protected in the Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park, which hopes to bundle Day with the land for sale. Once connected, this magnificent park would cover 9,000 hectares.

Princess Louisa Inlet
Photo by Chatterbox Falls: Elana Shepert / Vancouver Is Awesome
Princess Louisa Inlet
Princess Louisa Inlet Dock Photo: Elana Shepert / Vancouver is awesome

The day underlines that the future of the inlet is completely uncertain if the money is not raised in time. The country could be in danger of being cut down and tapped.

How can you help?

"We hope that the British Columbians emerge just as much as the crowdfunding people for Notre Dame. We are looking for the same support for one of the most beautiful places of BC. That way, people can help and we have an urgent deadline for August, "explains Day.

"Every little bit counts."

For more information on how to help, visit the BC Parks Foundation online.

Princess Louisa Inlet
Princess Louisa inlet water Photo: Elana Shepert / Vancouver Is Awesome
Princess Louisa Inlet
Photo: Elana Shepert / Vancouver is awesome
Princess Louisa Inlet
Princess Louisa Inlet for Sale Sign Photo: Elana Shepert / Vancouver Is Awesome


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