Be alert, TB patients in DKI Jakarta are dominated by the productive age group

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government stated that the productive age group is the largest group of people with Tuberculosis (TBC) in the Capital City, at a socialization event held on Friday, June 24, 2022.

The discovery in 2021 was conveyed by the Tuberculosis Program Manager (TBC) or Deputy Supervisor (Wasor) of the DKI Health Office, dr. Victor, in a Zoom meeting held with journalists.

Patients with an age range of 15-24 years were ranked first with a total of 5420 patients, followed by the age group of 25-34 years with a total of 5151 patients. The next rank comes from the 45-54 year age group with 4843 patients, and the fourth is 35-44 years old with 4647 patients.

According to Victor, because the productive age group is the most active in work and outdoor activities, their risk of exposure to this disease is higher.

“The transmission is quite high, and it can also be transmitted to their children at home,” said Victor in the Tuberculosis Disease Outreach.

The DKI Provincial Health Office (Dinkes) then stated that it was very important to find TB cases as quickly as possible so that prevention was more effective, and minimized further transmission to people around.

The DKI Provincial Government then stated that they would screen for TB disease in collaboration with the KNCV Indonesia Foundation. Through the Buddy TB website (, the public will get questions about the symptoms of Tuberculosis, and will be given results according to their answers.

Besides discussing Tuberculosis, this socialization also discussed HIV in Indonesia and especially in Jakarta.


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