Be careful, these are the characteristics of WhatsApp being bugged and WA being hijacked that the user is not aware of

DENPASARUPDATE.COM – Be careful, this is a feature of WhatsApp (WA) being tapped and hijacked that users are not aware of.

Even though the WhatsApp application already has an encryption feature, it doesn’t mean that WA can’t be intercepted and hijacked.

The WhatsApp (WA) application that is tapped and hijacked by hackers can certainly make users lose.

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In fact, not infrequently users do not realize that the WhatsApp (WA) that is being used is being tapped and hijacked.

Therefore, in order not to become a victim of WhatsApp (WA) being hijacked and bugged, users must recognize the characteristics or signs that WhatsApp (WA) is being tapped and hijacked by other people.

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Summarized by from various sources, here are some characteristics of WhatsApp (WA) being bugged and hijacked without the user realizing it.

1. Message or WhatsApp chat has been read