Be part of [email protected] for them, a program to treat low-income women against cancer

Various organizations seek to reduce the barriers that prevent women from obtaining detection and care for this condition

Lucero Natarén / Herenews

According to the latest data from Globocan (Global Cancer Observatory), it is estimated that in 2040 the incidence of breast cancer will be 314,000 new cases in Latin America, which is why, through the project “[email protected] for them ”, Pro Mujer, a social enterprise with more than 30 years of experience driven by its mission to advance towards gender equality in Latin America, in alliance with Pfizer and Donadora, seeks to help women diagnosed with breast cancer who do not have the resources to afford their treatments are treated with a comprehensive approach.

This is possible thanks to fundraising, where people, companies and all organizations that wish can join with their donation on the platform In addition, women diagnosed with this disease can publish their stories and request financial solidarity also through the same platform.

It is important to point out that “[email protected] for them” is a project focused on breast cancer patients that aims to reduce barriers to prevention, diagnosis and timely detection through awareness and sensitization. In addition, “provides accompaniment to women and their families in critical moments” mentioned Natalia Wills Gil, Global Manager of Representation and Gender of Pro Mujer.

Since 2020, all for them It has served more than 7,000 women through the educational chatbot, has provided more than 4,000 free mammograms, currently has 591 women in the navigation program and 85 women with positive diagnoses of breast cancer who are being accompanied and advised. If you want to know more about this initiative and join, visit the site

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