Beach volleyball Kravchenok / Valkenhorst does not make it to the King of the Court finals / Article

In a single-round play-off match, Kravchenok / Valkenhorst was able to score five points, preventing them from rising above fourth place in the doubles match. The Latvian and German duo finished the tournament in sixth place.

On Friday, Kravchenok / Valkenhorst Group D took second place in all three rounds and reached the quarterfinals, which was also successfully overcome.

In the first round of the semi-finals, Kravchenoka paired with the 2016 Olympic champion to score six points in a row shortly before the end of the round and was third, and in the second round, they scored four points, which was not enough to secure a place in the third round and final.

It has already been reported that in the men’s tournament, Latvian beach volleyball players Aleksandrs Samoilovs and Jānis Šmēdiņš were unable to enter the semi-finals of the “King of the Court” competition on Saturday, finishing the tournament in 11th place.

The format of the King of the Court tournament is very different from the usual play-out procedures in beach volleyball tournaments. The competition starts with a qualifier, followed by a group tournament, a semi-final with ten teams and a five-team final.

In each phase of the tournament, the duos are divided into groups of five and there is a place in the third round. The pair play a 15-minute match in which the losers leave the court. The duo who scored in the last game continues to play on the court until they lose a point.

One side of the playing field is called the “royal” side. The duo playing on this side takes the serve, thus gaining a slight advantage. After 15 minutes, the points scored by the pairs are collected and the ones with the least points do not reach the next round.

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