Beach volleyball player Anastasia Samoilova did not like her engagement ring

In the talk show “When they meet”, beach volleyball player Anastasia Samoilova shared her courtship story. Anastasia, once Kravchenok, became a married wife last September, when the brother of beach volleyball player Alexander Samoilov, Mikhail, took her as his girlfriend.

“He proposed to me in Salzburg, Austria. He goes ahead of me and takes me to a place with a beautiful view. After waiting for a long time, he proposes to me. Of course I agreed. I didn’t really like the ring, so he gave me a ring on my birthday with a stone, because I had dreamed of it,” the two-time European champion revealed.

Anastasia admits during the interview that girls have to say what they want out loud, otherwise the guy will give you something you don’t like, and there will be a moment when you won’t be able to control your true emotions. She herself told about the ring after the wedding so that her husband would not be offended.

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