Beaches, blitzes in Parliament for extensions and amnesties without a deadline

Other than five years. The amendment by the speakers to the competition bill that modifies the intervention on bathing concessions can, on paper, also lead to an endless extension. And a sine die amnesty of the current concessions at risk of being considered abusive. It is enough to read the regulation carefully to understand its real purpose. The examination of the competition bill has stalled on such an extreme text in these hours in the Industry Committee in the Senate: to the initial hypothesis of the government, a transition phase of further two years compared to the deadline that the Bill sets for the end of 2023, therefore until 31 December 2025, a proposal signed by the speakers (Stefano Collina of the Democratic Party and Paolo Ripamonti of the Lega) overlapped, which would potentially represent an endless extension. Because the tenders would be triggered “following the mapping” of the public concessions (all of them, not just the seaside ones) provided for by the original text of the bill. But there is no date to complete the mapping, which is why it is currently impossible to establish from when the five years that would be granted to current dealers to adapt to the tender criteria to be defined by legislative decree would run.

The missing mapping

In fact, the Competition Bill establishes only, in Article 2, that a legislative decree must be issued within six months from the entry into force of the law “for the constitution and coordination of an information system for detecting concessions of public goods in order to promote maximum publicity and transparency, also in summary form, of the main data and information relating to all concessionary relationships “. The Legislative Decree must comply with a series of criteria, including the identification of the recipients of the communication obligations on concessions. In other words, the Legislative Decree must define the tool with which to carry out the mapping but not the mapping itself. The amendment goes even further. And it establishes that until the unspecified date for the start of tenders and the issue of a new concession title, the occupation of state-owned areas by the current concessionaires “is not considered abusive”.

The no of the Five Stars

The hypothesis on the table was rejected by the Five Stars. For now, the deputies of the 5 Star Movement in the EU Policies Committee of the Chamber have exposed themselves with a declaration, saying they are opposed to any further extension. The grillini attribute the paternity of the blitz to the Northern League. “The league wants to send Italy into infringement and lose the money from the Next Generation Eu to guarantee the privileges of the seaside lobby,” says Francesco Berti, M5S group leader in the EU Policies Committee in the Chamber. The 5 Stars then define “ridiculous” the paragraph of the amendment that would delegate the government to exercise a sort of “golden power” on the beaches, “a reserve right in the event of a threat to the national interest by parties interested in the acquisition of the good “.