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Beaches, yes, but stones, by Maria Rubert

The climate change and the presence of multiple sport ports that have interrupted the coastal dynamics entail the replacement of sands, that deteriorates the marine ecosystem and that is untenable: Port Ginesta in Castelldefels (1986), Port Vell (2000) and Port Olímpic (1992), Port del Fòrum in Sant Adrià (2004) and Marina in Badalona (2004) have not only turned with varied prostheses the coast line, but the ability to regeneration ecosystem

Each port made the study at the time to control this affectation, But the beaches will disappear without annual maintenance. Given this situation, the hypothesis of coordinated action from Mataró to Port Ginesta It seems timely.

There are several options. One is to follow the continued contribution of sands, limited by the economic and environmental cost and that supposes to dismantle and annihilate all the organisms that are adapted throughout the year to the new medium. The other is to let the sea follow its cycles and adapt to changes. In this case, it will be necessary to disassemble facilities, houses and quiet streets or schedule the reinforcement of more breakwaters and protections. And still a third, intermediate. The sands of today can be replaced by rock blocks with greater inertia where to develop a different leisure and more according to the current times.

Transform the sandy beaches in breakwaters it seems an option adapted to the onslaught of the sea in the face of climate change. Imagine that, in a short time, will allow life to cling to artificial reefs, encouraging the recovery of species. The pictures of Xavier Miserachs of the activities that were deployed in the old jetty evoke a kind of leisure away from the towel, the sun cream, the massage and the current umbrella. In the breakwater fishing, parties and popular meals were made, young people went to vent, it was a space of silence … magnificent space. Transform the sandy beaches in stone beaches It can be a complicated solution, but surely more appropriate to the times and appropriate to develop non-destructive activities on the coast. Even the tourists they will thank you!

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