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You have to eat more natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, oats and whole grains
Photo: iStockThe prevalence of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity, have the health system in chaos and could be addressed with preventive measures, such as returning to the table bean consumption as a main food. The coordinator of the Bachelor of Science Nutritional of the University of Sonora (Unison), Rolando Giovanni Diaz Zavala, said in this regard that these conditions have increased, "because we have stopped eating the basics and we are consuming excess processed foods rich in calories."
In the lecture "Nutrition and modification of behaviors for a healthy lifestyle", he said that by 2006 the number of obese people in Mexico had quadrupled and that Mexicans with diabetes under 40 had doubled.
"Diabetes kills more than one hundred thousand people in the year in Mexico, more than organized crime," he said.
He stressed that this can be prevented and taken care of only by returning to a healthy meal and returning the beans to the table, since at the present time consumption has decreased significantly and physical activity has been left aside.
He said that in the face of a disastrous situation of the health of Mexicans, it is necessary to change the paradigms of healing and prevention and for this we must eliminate the consumption of sugar, junk food, sausages and, above all, exercise.
"Sedentary affects the synthesis of proteins, increases insulin resistance, affects mental health, increases the risk of obesity and severely affects bone health," he said.
It is proven, he said, that diabetes can be prevented in at least six out of ten cases, but doing so is in the hands of the person when they warn him that he is prediabetic.
You have to eat more natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, oats, whole grains, oilseeds -almonds, nuts, seeds, peanuts-, which are related to cardiovascular health.
"Our diet should be almost pure green and you have to forget about the chips, the churritos that are damaging right now and they will charge you the bill," he said.
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