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«Beans» Danger on male children .. Study: lemon reduces its damage

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«Beans» Danger of male children .. Study: lemon reduces its damage from the site of Masress, on Saturday, 24 November 2018.
"" "beans" .. "meat substitute", "sans-serif", "arial" , "sans-serif" "=" "" The best of things is the center "A rule described by Dr. Amal Sabri as" golden and safe law for all things of life and the key to health "when talking about the benefits and damages of beans, saying:" The beans are the most important sources of vegetable protein and The most important alternatives to meat, as well as being rich in vitamins and minerals important to the body »The term" sans-serif "" = "" fights cancer and delays aging span lang = "AR- According to the consultant of pediatrics and therapeutic nutrition, beans contain antioxidants such as polyphenols, A friend of the skin, which works to delay the signs of aging such as wrinkles and costs, and helps to treat skin diseases such as eczema Acne, psoriasis, acne and psoriasis. "" For diabetic patients, it strengthens nerves. "Lang =" AR-SA "style =" font-family " "Diabetics also have many benefits of eating beans, including many slow-digesting fibers, which reduce sugar and absorb it healthily for diabetics, as well as contain it Vitamin B is important for nerves that are weakened by diabetes "=" "protects the heart and protects against atherosclerosis", "sans-serif" "=" font-family: "arial" "Says Dr. Amal Sabri." The beans contain a small amount of harmful fat and many useful fats that reduce the level of LDL and help to lower high blood pressure because it contains potassium, so it protects the heart and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, Studies also have the ability to treat tuberculosis because it contains nitrogen monoxide. "" "" "" Important for kidneys and saves the body from toxins span lang = "Dr. Amal" confirmed that the boiling of a thousand "a-SA" style = "font-family:" arial "," sans-serif " The green and the intake of water in the early morning helps to generate urine and treatment of kidney infections and urinary tract and rid the body of toxins, as well as that the existing calcium strong bones and protects them from fragility. , "sans-serif" "=" "The incidence of laziness and laziness .. The injustice of beans" The term "sans-serif" "=" "The talk of his association with mollification and laziness This is scientifically contrary to all the benefits he enjoys, because of his ability to improve the mood and reduce the tension and depression, warning that the common mistakes placed in bags of plastic is particularly safe and hot and move some organic compounds carcinogenic, LES Vtfdd us to benefit from it and even becomes harmful. "Lange =" S-serif "" = "" Danger with gastric disorders lang = "AR-SA" style = "Medical advice also included gastrointestinal disorders addressed to the therapeutic nutrition consultant:" They should reduce the beans as much as possible and remove their crust before eating it. The mixer to avoid the feeling of fullness and weight to slow digestion, but this fullness is useful for others who want to lose weight because it makes them feel full for long periods ». "Anemia causes in this case" "Although the beans contain iron, it may cause anemia," according to some studies that have confirmed its obstruction of absorption of iron, causing it to cause anemia, so it is recommended to take vitamin C, such as lemon To help absorb the iron, Dr. Amal Sabri said. "" Danger to children in this age span "lang =" AR-SA " The mothers were also advised to avoid eating their beans in the first year of life, especially males, because it causes the breakage of red blood cells to those with a lack of blood. In the enzyme abbreviated "G6PD span lang =" AR-SA "style =" font-family: "arial", "sans-serif" "=" " It is responsible for protecting these balls from breakage if exposed to some oxidizing factors, the most important of which are "beans" of all kinds and derivatives. The bean anemia in children is characterized by paleness of the face and yellowing of the eye and the urine turns red and the speed of breath and pulse, so start with a bean one note with any signs appear on the child and conduct a first analysis of the disease if there is a genetic history in the family, according to Dr. Amal Sabri "sap-serif" "=" "advice before eating the beans" lang = "AR-SA" style = "font-family:" arial " , "sans-serif" "=" "Pediatric Consultant and therapeutic nutrition seal "It can be eaten twice or three times a week, provided it is eaten with a plate of green salad or leafy vegetables," he said. "If you eat it in moderation, A little of it should be taken for gout sufferers so as not to increase the pain attacks, and the conclusion is correct. "Thank you and the visitors of the Egyptian Saudi website for their trust and presence, and we promise you to provide all new and important from all reliable news sources. Risk to male children .. Study: lemon reduces its damage), and the source is responsible for what is reported in the news.
Source: Masress.


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