“Bear cakes” – for holidays and beautiful moments. For real. And from the heart

That is why the taste of the cake chosen for the holiday must be special – the holiday taste, which will recall the light mood and warm feelings of the event. And remember that a holiday can be whenever you decide that it is the right time to celebrate life and enjoy the taste of the holiday …
And there is no doubt that the quality of the cake must be excellent and the ingredients real! Therefore, “Lāču” cakes will be the best choice for the holiday table. Whether it’s your favorite walnut cake or walnut chocolate cake with cherries or any other “Bear” cake – your decision will be right.

“Lāči” knows that real gourmets know the real taste of delicacies, therefore they use carefully selected and high-quality raw materials. From the very best that is available. For cakes made by “Lāču” confectioners, creams are made fresh right in the confectionery. “Bear” cakes require high skill, patience and time. With great inspiration, masters create every delicacy – just like artists who create masterpieces with their own hands, without using industrial equipment. It is safe to say that every delicacy created in “Lāči” is an original work of master craftsmen, and both creams and fragile decorations are made fresh in the bakery, while real eggs are used for biscuits.

Because “Lāču” cakes are made in the hands of masters and their recipes are created, tasted and baked by real gourmets.

And only handmade can create the feeling that the cake is baked with love … It is love that is the basis of all holidays, and love is what we actually celebrate. And the cake is like a symbol of the holiday. A symbol of our love, our warm feelings for loved ones, for friends and loved ones.

We wish that the feeling of the holiday is always warm, recalling the beautiful and delicious moments! And remember that the holiday can be whenever you decide that it is the right time to celebrate life and enjoy the taste of the holiday … We want to be true and natural in our emotions and afford to see the holiday moments in everyday life, which are worth celebrating truly and from the heart!

This is the most … favorite “Bear” cake – “Walnut cake”

Made from egg biscuit, with walnuts and real honey, filled with real sour cream butter and boiled condensed milk cream. The surface of the cake is richly covered with dark hazelnut glaze and its decor is made by hand in the “Bear” bakery. The side of the cake is colorfully decorated with whole walnuts. Making “Walnut Cake” is a complicated and labor-intensive process, but the result is worth the work.

“Walnut cake with cherries” has a wonderfully delicious high-quality Belgian chocolate glaze and juicy cherry filling. The irresistible combination of flavors is intended for true lovers of exquisite sweets – a cake with high-quality ingredients and handmade decors.
Mmm … well, who could give up such a tempting piece of cake!?!

The widest range of “Lāču” cakes is in “Lāču veikals”, but you will also find the most popular in supermarkets! Enjoy your meal!

The advertising article was made in cooperation with SIA “Lāči”

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