"Beat the Henssler": why Stefan Raab is so missing

"Beat the Henssler": why Stefan Raab is so missing


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“Beat the Henssler”: why Stefan Raab is so missing

Photo: Willi Weber / ProSieben

Demonstrated: Also in “embarrass or cash” outclassed challenger Leif Antonschmidt (l.) The host Stefan Henssler (with moderator Elton, center).

Advertisement here, music there in “Beat the Henssler”: This is the host of the role completely: Sorry, ProSieben, it will not work.

It was obvious for a long time and at some point also commentator Elmar Paulke said, which was not nice to say: “Steffen Henssler does not resist the impending defeat”. There was nothing, no rearing far and wide.
After ten games, the TV chef was included “Beat the Henssler” with 50 to five points hopelessly behind his challenger, the 29-year-old Leif Antonschmidt. The doctoral student from Göttingen (Biophysical Chemistry) was always a bit faster, more hard-pressed and more skillful. At no time did the impression emerge that the Henssler had a say in the half a million euros that ProSieben played on Saturday night. The 45-year-old acted like an extra often, acting pomadig – and then got himself in the way.
Decision falls late – despite Henssler bad form
In the game “letters”, for example, the competitors should count the different letters in a sentence. The host set on speed, trumpeted the answers – and then was wrong. Leif just had to wait for Henssler’s mistake. Points and play were lost so fast. “Too greedy, stop it,” Henssler grumbled.

Great pleasure: PhD student Leif is half a million euros richer. Photo: Willi Weber / ProSieben The fact that only at 00:27 clock the decision was made, was because Leif previously gave away two match balls. The program was like chewing gum, although everyone already knew that the Henssler will not even win a flower pot this evening. At the latest after game nine, the classic “embarrassing or cashiering”, when the challenger pulled away with 40: 5 and Henssler Once again, even a high-pitched swatter seemed possible. “So very, very slowly, it’s time Steffen,” teased presenter Elton.
Raab was fighting – no matter how many euros it was
One thing seems certain: with Stefan Raab that would not have happened. The Henssler predecessor always played at the limit, burned with ambition and also defeated opponents who were far superior to him – at least physically. Raab hated the loss and braced himself in every game against a threatening defeat. Regardless of whether 500,000 euros or millions of euros were spent in the end.
The footsteps left by Raab are probably too big for his successor. A host who too often looks like a foreign object, drags himself through the games does not fit the concept of the program. For the best moments, the format always has when the jackpot is high and the favorite then stumbles – with Henssler it does not even come that far. Too often, the TV chef is completely off the role, staggers from game to game and can be at the nose ring pull through the ring. ProSieben destroys game flow through advertising
As if that were not enough mood killers, ProSieben also destroys the flow of the game through advertising and music deposits. In the middle of the match then stop first a guest appearance – or advertising. Or both. Sure, a private broadcaster wants to make money, but advertising blocks would also be easily between the games possible.
What remains is a program that is less and less enjoyable. And after more than four hours on Saturday evening, it became clear once again: Stefan Raab is missing. And very much.

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