Beaten for the “bad” grades in school, even if above the pass: children compensated by their parents

Every time they went home after getting a bad grade at school – or at least thought so by their parents – they had a terrible time. Harsh corporal punishment, even beating with the broom and whipping with the electricity cable.

Victims were a 16-year-old boy and 12-year-old sister, children of an Indian couple living in Pavia.

The fatits date back to 2019 and ended up in court because the boys, tired of being beaten and of the atmosphere experienced in the family, decided to report. The school also lined up alongside them, the teachers immediately noticed the discomfort of the two students.

The Milan Juvenile Court ordered the removal of the two children from home, both of whom were welcomed in a protected structure. Then the criminal investigation for mistreatment in the family began, but the crime was subsequently declassified in abuse of the means of correction. Both parents were sentenced to 4 months in prison. Think suspended, they won’t go to jail, but they have to compensate their children: 10 thousand euros for each of the two.

During the trial Francesca Timi and Cristina Castagnola, the lawyers who represented the two children, explained that in reality the children at school have almost always obtained marks and judgments above the pass: evidently their parents were not enough.

(Unioneonline / L)

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