‘Beatrix not happy with swearing Eloise in The Hunting Season’

Eloise van Oranje is the first royal to participate in The Hunting Season, the YouTube hit by Giel de Winter. But she doesn’t seem to pay much attention to her language, because Eloise scolds about it. And Beatrix wouldn’t be happy about that…

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Eloise made her entrance last weekend in the well-known program The Hunting Season. In the episode, Eloise tries to stay out of the hands of the StukTV men. With the help of her parents, she tries to escape Giel, Thomas and Stefan.

‘Beatrix not amused’

But viewers immediately noticed that Eloise is not averse to a swear word here and there. When she’s in the car, one swear word after another comes out of her mouth.

The episode is discussed at Shownieuws and they find the words that Eloise utters ‘intense’. Earlier, Eloise said that Beatrix is ​​not on social media and has no idea of ​​what appears online about her.

“Eloise does say that her grandmother knows nothing about social media, but you can bet that if she hears this, she is not amused,” said Guido den Aantrekker. ,,He is on top of the fact that as an Orange you always behave very dignified outwardly. If you belong to the royal family, and she does, you just have to behave a bit.”

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