Beaucerons ready to make efforts to save the planet

The majority of our respondents to the poll of the week try to make efforts to try to prevent the death of our planet. On the other hand, it still seems very difficult for part of the population to change their habits.

In fact, 58 out of 156 readers say they try to change their habits to reduce their effects on the deterioration of the environment. The most popular habit is that of reducing the consumption of single-use plastic (25.6%).

It must be said that most awareness campaigns go in this direction, because it is one of the main sources of pollution, particularly in the oceans, and it is possible for citizens to participate in this reduction effort or even d total elimination.

Then, according to the answers received, 23 rather defeatist people consider that there is no point in changing anything that in one way or another it is a lost cause.

The second popular habit is that of considerably reducing your meat consumption. More and more people are turning to a vegetarian diet or veganism. It must also be said that the price of this product can also be a good motivation to review your menu.

Finally, a minority is not at all interested in the issue, or even does not believe in climate change.


More or less, I try to change my ways 58 (37,2%)

Yes, I have significantly reduced my plastic consumption 40 (25,6 %)

Not really, it’s a lost cause 23 (14,7 %)

Yes, I have significantly reduced my meat consumption 20 (12,8%)

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No, I’m not interested 15 (9,6%)