Beautician from Jelgava decides to return to medicine due to Covid-19 crisis / Article

Beautician Inga Vildžūna has been calling her salon her second home for several years. Only now it is very rare to visit it. Just as in January this year, when a state of emergency was declared in the country and the salon was closed, beauty services are now banned.

She said: “Of course I’m afraid of people who get a lot sick. How it will all end, but otherwise I think – we’ve already understood the virus a little bit.”

At one time, Inga was a paramedic. The second wave of the pandemic has awakened the ancient muse – medicine.

She has worked at Jelgava City Hospital for only three months, because in March, when the hope for the beautician to resume her work, she realized that by meeting Covid-19 patients on a daily basis, she could endanger the salon’s clients. The idea of ​​returning to medicine did not disappear.

“Then I initially took an exam, a medical test. It’s very difficult and complicated for me. I passed the test to get back to the medical register as a doctor’s assistant. And then there just came an offer from Stradiņš Polyclinic to join the vaccination team,” she revealed.

The doctor is a sure supporter of vaccination. While the salon could operate, it only worked in “green mode”, but in the second job I had to face different opinions.

“We don’t know how to make decisions at all and be responsible for our own decisions, and then there is such anger and all kinds of remarks. At first it was, but I can say that in the last week no. They have understood,” Wildjuna said.

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As the morbidity increases, the location of vaccination offices will be transformed into a Covid-19 unit, but vaccination will, of course, continue only elsewhere. Surprisingly, there are so many deniers of vaccination, including doctors.

The doctor says, “Actually, you can do whatever you want with yourself, but then don’t ask for help afterwards. But if you recommend to others, to your patients, for whom you are actually responsible, then, I think, is not right.”

In the fall, Wildjuna also began her studies at the college to become a full-time physician’s assistant by the summer. She hopes that by then there will be as many vaccinated people in Latvia as elsewhere in Europe, and will be able to combine work both in her beauty salon and in a doctor’s practice or polyclinic.


With the incidence of Covid-19 in Latvia reaching an all-time high, a state of emergency was declared in the medical sector. Doctors raised concerns about the immediate need for strict restrictions in the country.

The government decided to declare a state of emergency in the country from October 11 for three months, which is the third time in the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, restrictions were imposed to increase the coverage of Covid-19 vaccination. However, seeing that the spread of the virus is growing and Latvia is in the first place in the world in terms of Covid-19, the government introduced the so-called “arcade” and housekeeping from October 21 to November 15, but after the daily progress on November 15 will be able to resume “Covid-19 vaccination or disease certificate”.

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It is planned that the school holidays will be extended until October 29. On November 1, full-time studies will resume in grades 1-3. class students. From November 15, the 4–12. class students. During this time, students of vocational schools and universities will also have to study remotely. In turn, there will be on-call groups in kindergartens.

From the evening and night hours of 20 October, after 8 pm and until 5 am, you can only be outside your place of residence for certain reasons and you must have completed self-certification. Also suitable if it is written on a white sheet.

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