Beautiful far away: the first test drive of UAZ “Hunter” on electric traction – Cars

The good old “Hunter” in the bourgeois MWM Spartan EV is unmistakably recognizable. It is the same as before – square, iron, with steel bumpers and a ground clearance of 210 mm.

Inside, too, almost everything is familiar. The chair, from which the back will ache on a long journey, is in place. The archaic steering wheel has not gone anywhere, as well as the doors, which slam with a booming metallic sound. The armrest is such only in words, but in fact it is a narrow plastic strip on the door. But enough criticism. To change all this, a new model is needed, and I am interested in how this wonderful SUV drives.

The color display to the right of the steering wheel caught my eye. This is already something new. It displays the range, speed and battery level. It looks informative and nice, but the screen is located on a block, which is screwed on with massive bolts. And next to it is a button, by pressing which will turn on the “Drive” mode in the transmission. All this reminded the plot of a fantastic saga, when a superpowerful accelerator is integrated to save the planet for an old “vessel”. Well, then the main character says a speech that, they say, it is too early for this ship to rust in a landfill. It’s time to fight! But really, it’s time.



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