Beautiful Ukrainian Refugee Who Runs With Husband People Refuse To Be Called Pelakor


Sofiaa Karkadym (22), a beautiful Ukrainian refugee who ran away with the husband of a British woman who had given her a lift. Photo/@sonya_dobrvlsk/Instagram

LONDON – Beautiful refugees Ukraine , Sofiaa Karkadym (22), is angry and rejects the notion that she is a male usurper (pelakor). The assumption emerged after he ran away with the husband of the British woman who gave him a lift.

Karkadym said he was not “homewrecker” or “domestic wrecker”.

Karkadym fled the Russian invasion and traveled from Lviv to Bradford, West Yorkshire, to live with Lorna Garnett, 28, and her husband of eight years, Tony.

The long-haired, blonde refugee who is a Ukrainian IT worker has made headlines in her home country. While in England, he was also in the news after Lorna accused him of running away with his husband; Tony, just ten days after he moved into their home with the couple’s two children.

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But Karkadym bursts into tears as he insists he’s not a homewrecker and claims Lorna has pushed him and Tony to stay together and harbors constant suspicions.

“His constant suspicion, the tension, it just pushed Tony and I closer,” he said.

“He created this situation by constantly suggesting something was going on when it wasn’t. So this is his fault,” he said, as quoted by The MirrorMonday (23/5/2022).

Earlier this week, Lorna had told reporters she had doubts about letting foreigners into her home, but decided to help the Ukrainians was the right thing to do.