A few days ago, close 24-year-old Rosa Hertz sounded the alarm: the girl did not get in touch for a long time, nothing was known about her whereabouts. On the evening of February 13, journalists found out where the former member of the “Bachelor” is, who fought for the heart of Yegor Creed.

For two weeks, Anastasia Matronina’s friends, known to the general public under the pseudonym Rosa Hertz, tried to find out at least something about where she is. On January 30, a participant in the sixth season of the “Bachelor” project was to return to Moscow from Dubai – there she spent the New Year holidays. After the landing of the plane from the girl there was no news. She did not get in touch with relatives and suddenly abandoned accounts in social networks, which she regularly updated before.

On February 13, Rosa's friend Diana reported that she was found.

It turned out that the star of the popular show is in the hospital. The reasons for hospitalization in the environment of Hertz did not spread. However, journalists online edition Dom2Life.ru managed to find out some details.

According to the portal, Rosa Hertz is currently being treated at a drug treatment clinic. If you believe insiders, the girl tried to tear up her passport, and at the airport she was met by police officers.



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