because doing so is good for your health

Chewing gentian root is a simple but beneficial gesture: we discover all the positive effects on our body.

Gentian flowers (Pixabay)

Gentian is a perennial herbaceous plant, known for being the main ingredient at the base of an excellent natural bitter. In reality, however, its qualities do not end there: in fact, it has numerous healing properties, which ensure that this herbaceous plant can be used in various natural treatments in the form of decoction and herbal tea. Few know, however, that too to chew the root from gentian has numerous benefits on our health: here are which ones.

Chewing gentian root: all the benefits

This plant with beautiful blue-purple flowers and bell-shaped leaves is native to central and southern Europe.

Its healing virtues have been known since ancient times. Just think, in fact, that it was used in the Middle Ages as a real panacea for all ills.

The high presence of mucilage, moreover, it has a lot of properties: from carminative to digestive ones, passing through the diuretic, antibiotic and toning action.

What are the benefits that chewing gentian root has on our body?

  • Purify the body;
  • Improve digestion;
  • Sanitize the oral cavity.

Purify the body

Gentian is ideal for toning the body, bringing us back to a state of psychophysical well-being.

Gentian (Pixabay)

This plant, in fact, fights asthenia and cell oxidation. Therefore, chewing its root is particularly suitable for those who have come back from long periods of illness and need an invigorating supplement that can help restore energy.

At the same time, the diuretic action of gentian root is recommended in case of cellulite, as it not only cleanses the body, but fights the water retention, at the root of this imperfection.

Improve digestion

Chewing gentian root is good for the digestive system, as it helps us fight common ailments such as nausea, stomach pain and bloating.

Not only that: the intake of this plant contributes toelimination of worms and intestinal parasiteshelping the bacterial flora to restore its normal balance and well-being.

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Sanitize the oral cavity

Chewing gentian root improves dental hygiene.

This herbaceous plant, in fact, counteracts the proliferation of germs and bacteria within the oral cavityreducing the accumulation of plaque that could generate the onset of infections and tooth decay.

Furthermore, this simple practice is ideal for keeping your breath always fresh and pleasant, in a completely natural way.

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Chewing gentian root: contraindications and side effects

When and why should we avoid chewing gentian root?

Gentian (Pixabay)

This plant is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. Also, it should not be taken by anyone who has high blood pressure, stomach ulcer and stomach cancer.

Finally, be careful not to exceed the recommended doses: never exceed 2 grams of dried root per day. In general, however, before introducing this habit into our routine, we should ask our doctor for advice.