“Because I’m vaccinated, stupid”: homeless ridicules anti-vaccine leader in the US | Society

Now, anti-vaccine groups are not only at risk of contracting COVID or infecting their loved ones, they also run the risk of being totally ridiculed

This is what happened to the leader of an anti-vaccine group, who met on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, in Los Angeles, to protest against the tightening of the measures against those who still refuse to protect themselves against the covid, which include withholding the salaries of public employees who refuse to be vaccinated.

With signs that prayed “If there is risk, there should be a choice”, added to the presence of children and babies, the twenty protesters were captured by William Gude, a documentarian who is dedicated to recording police operations in Los Angeles to have evidence of possible abuses, and whose Twitter account has more than 17,000 followers.

In the short sequence, you can see how the leader of the group, megaphone in hand, shouts: “You see all these homeless people around here? Are they dead from covid in the streets? Of course not! Why?” (“Do you see all these homeless people around? Are they dead in the streets with COVID? Hell no! Why?”).

But the woman did not have the sharpness of, precisely, one of the same people in a street situation.

“Because I’m vaccinated, stupid” (“Because I’m vaccinated, dumb fuck”), an African-American man replies as he pushes a cart with his belongings down the street.

The woman is thrown for a moment, tries to murmur an answer, but then chooses to continue issuing slogans.

Although it was captured on October 5, the video quickly went viral, reaching 4.8 million views.

The video also found its version with Spanish subtitles.

It is worth mentioning that, as stated by the US media Business Insider, in Los Angeles the covid vaccines are freely accessible to the entire population, with special emphasis on homeless people, whose COVID infections decreased significantly since September, after a rise in cases between July and August.

But who was the man in the car? Gude managed to find it later. She identified him as Ray, a man who has been homeless for 7 years, and whom she described as “very kind and super smart.”

Ray’s response had even happier consequences than raising awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID: Gude helped him set up an online campaign to raise money for a home. His goal was to get $ 25,000, which to date has been widely exceeded, rising to over $ 35,000 (almost 29 million Chilean pesos).