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Because of ginger shot: Evelyn Burdecki gets alcohol shit storm

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Has Evelyn Burdecki (32) reached for high-proof when driving a car? The lively TV notoriety, who gained fame through their unmistakable – often weird – appearances, celebrated the victory of the German national soccer team against Portugal at the weekend. However, she got a huge shit storm for this: fans suspected that Evelyn would have had a drink at the wheel. Now the blonde cleared up the misunderstanding.

In your InstagramStory, the former jungle camp winner toasted her followers from the car with a drink that at first glance could also have been eggnog. The native of Düsseldorf shared the outraged reactions online a little later. “Congratulations, drink-driving. Good example,” was one of the comments. The 32-year-old charmingly saved the situation with a poem and replied: “Drink driving is a monster! I’m glad I just need a ginger shot and I’m high. Otherwise I would be quickly blue and wrong, I don’t have to give that to myself for the European Championship. “

Finally, the former Bachelor participant appealed to her fan base: “Remember that, my friends! Celebrate wildly and happily for victory, but with alcohol in your blood you better only move on foot! Greetings from God and driver’s license! “With these poetic lines, the misinterpretation should now be eliminated once and for all.

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Evelyn Burdecki, television personality
Evelyn Burdecki in June 2020

Instagram / evelyn_burdecki

Evelyn Burdecki in June 2020
Evelyn Burdecki in the TV studio in Cologne


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