Because of strike: Germanwings cancels flights from Leipzig / Halle and Dresden

The airline is likely to cancel more than 170 takeoffs at German airports on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday due to a strike by flight attendants. This can be seen from an overview on the Eurowings website, which the company updated until Sunday.

In Dresden and Leipzig / Halle, Germanwings flies on behalf of Eurowings on selected flights, particularly to Cologne / Bonn, but occasionally also to Düsseldorf or Stuttgart. In the current strike period, four connections to and from Cologne / Bonn are canceled at Dresden Airport. In Leipzig, three flights to and from Cologne / Bonn are affected.

The official reason for the strike is a dispute between the UFO union and the employer about part-time arrangements. It was precisely on this point that Germanwings relented on Saturday in order to avert the absence at the last moment. There was a brief cancellation in the room. But within a few hours the UFO replied that it was sticking to the strike.


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