Because of the strikes, the SNCF loose the children traveling alone


It’s an unexpected round trip that would have gone well. This Sunday, Guy-Marie had no choice but to spend his afternoon on the TGV between Paris and Bordeaux (Gironde). Like dozens of parents, he and his wife, domiciled in the Hauts-de-Seine, were dropped by the Junior & Cie service of the SNCF. It normally takes care of children aged 4 to 14 traveling alone on weekends and during school holidays. Except that in the context of the national strike , this service is canceled since April 3 … until April 19 included. After this date, the recovery will only be partial. A cancellation that was not served on Guy-Marie and Claudine. “We had three Paris-Dax tickets for three months to get our sons aged 5 and 8 to travel. Everything was good, we had received the postal mail with all the documents and train tickets, specifies Claudine. I did not worry because the trip was expected a day without a strike . ” A discreet removal of the service It was a relative who alerted him last Thursday to the discontinuation of the service. Information that is actually confirmed at the SNCF shop in the evening. “Nobody was able to tell us what to do,” continues Claudine. I finally returned on Friday to try to get an extra ticket to allow my husband to travel with the kids to Dax. Except that the train is complete. The family had no choice but to cancel the tickets for Dax and book on a Paris-Bordeaux, far from the final destination. READ ALSO> Diving in the heart of the SNCF crisis cell “Again, no compassion: no one offered me a commercial gesture. It cost us an extra ticket while we paid for the Junior & Cie service! Claudine left the agency with the address of the customer relations department to write to in order to be compensated. What annoys most these parents is the attitude of the SNCF. “What would have happened if we had arrived this Sunday on the station platform without having been alerted? Our children aged 5 and 8 could not travel alone … ” SNCF tries to warn all parents On the side of the SNCF, we deny any lack of information from parents. “We notified the parents directly by telephone between eight and four days before the trip so that families could organize themselves,” said a spokesman for the railway company, contacted by Le Parisien. The service will resume April 20, Friday, on trains that are not affected by the strike. For others, families continue to be notified directly by phone. ” Launched more than 40 years ago, Junior & Cie transported in 2016 more than 250,000 children a year. A service in constant increase. “It corresponds to the evolution of society,” says a spokesman for the SNCF. Especially with stepfamilies. “


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