Because she criticized the Echo scandal death threats against Carmen Geiss!


Whirling around the Geissens – this time because of the controversial Echo performance by Farid Bang and Kollegah. Because: After Carmen Geiss criticized the echo scandal and clearly positioned himself against the rappers, she now gets death threats! Fans of the duo threaten them. Background: The echo scandal on Thursday evening: Kollegah and Farid Bang were awarded in the category Hip-Hop / Urban National. In spite of anti-Semitic lines of text (“My Body More Defined than by Auschwitz Inmates”), the two rappers received the most important German music prize. Many musicians and celebrities expressed their opinion after this scandal in the last few days, were clearly criticized. So does Carmen Geiss. FRIDAY On Facebook, she vented her anger on Friday. She attacks Farid Bang directly and personally:
“Sick human!! Germany goes down with you and with your humble music. I’m glad that I live abroad and I just want to see how many Germans there are in Germany ??? !!! Because you, Farid Bang, are a poor soul and really a sick person who is not only a misogynist but a German hater !!! ”
Quickly accumulate under this posting several user comments. Many agree with Carmen Geiss, many disagree.
Episode: Geiss gets hate messages from followers of the rapper on social networks, including death threats. SATURDAY
So that Carmen Geiss publishes another Facebook entry a day later. In it she writes: “I ask my fans not to answer these despised comments of some people !! As you can see, these people actually do not respect women, hate older people and do not work, but live in Germany. (…) So I will not read any comments until further notice. ”

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Shortly thereafter, Robert Geiss also engages in the debate. The millionaire is totally on Instagram. “So dear people !! I heard today that you were all very much against my wife on the way !! “, he writes. In his review of the critics of his Carmen, Robert eternally etters flatly against foreigners:

So nice people !! I heard today you were all very strong against my wife on the way !! SUPER !! You are strong and your rapper you are powerful !!! Are you maybe already 1.60 meters? All the foreigners who insult us so in Germany all their money, why are you still there? There the sun does not shine! You can all in your countries f …… you want, because that has an advantage !!!!!! You speak the same language !! You do not have to do that with our women. Do that with your own women then it would be cool, and everything stays in your own country !!! No, instead, you are trying to brainstorm with German children, with your music that is simply pointless !!! It was not good to appear on the echo, because you definitely do NOT belong! And now please do not think that I only read a comment from you hollow heads, that would be brainless and by the way !! Give yourself the trouble, let the hatred out of me and my wife maybe that brings you in a good direction! GOOD LOOK! We are a family you never had, that’s for sure no parent would like to read your comments !! Probably your mothers were what you write, my wife and I have been together for 36 years THE BEST! Now we hear music that you should hear with our friends from 5 different countries and that’s the music you say old women !! GOOD NIGHT !! # iloverussia #iloveamerica # ilovecroatia # ilovefrance #ilovedenmark #ilovegermany #iloveitalie #ilovespain #ilovegrece #i lovemonaco # wehavefun A post shared by Robert Geiss (@ robertgeiss_1964) on Apr 14, 2018 at 4:50 pm PDT

Further reaction of the Geissens on the death threats: They report on Sunday, as they explain on Instagram. And: Robert and Carmen publish several screenshots on the net showing bad insults by fans of Farid Bang and Kollegah. Thus, a screenshot of the user “dyna_altvater_1990” contains the words (addressed to Carmen): “If I saw you, I would cut you off.”

Carmen’s answer: “Here’s an example of a young man who does not enjoy rapper music !!! Which makes the music aggressive. He has crossed the line with his threat therefore he will receive from me an indication of murder threat. Better safe than sorry!!” Carmen continues: “The prosecution will file a lawsuit against him. You can not afford everything on the internet. It’s bad that you have to expect to be attacked at public appearances today. ”
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