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While the trainings of the show – include the thirteen high schools of drama, the higher centers of arts education or the important network of conservatories – traditionally have vocation to train interpreters and technicians, the curricula devoted to the writing or composition are affirmed in France.

A way to give the designer its full place within the professional networks and to promote the repertoire of tomorrow, in line with societal issues and the rise of new digital tools.

The proof at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris (CNSMDP). "Can we listen to Donald Trump's voice again, but with the piano? " In a few clicks, the author of the piece, Samuel Taylor, runs and broadcasts in the classroom the first movement of his new musical creation. His teacher, the composer Frédéric Durieux, listens attentively to the excerpt of a speech by the American president, mixed with piano notes that ironically parody the intonations of his voice. The teacher and the student simultaneously observe the digital score of the piece, designed by Samuel using specialized software.

"We have a lot of opportunities to do concerts to make us known during our school years. Samuel Taylor, student at CNSMDP

The work of Samuel Taylor, mixing digital media and instrumental music played live, will be presented in March at the Conservatoire. Three months of hard work, for a dozen minutes of concert. "I wanted to make people laugh by pointing out the absurdity of Donald Trump's words through music"explains the apprentice composer of 26 years. This young Australian began with current music and jazz before going to the competition of the composition department of the CNSMDP. "This course is very famous internationally, he reveals. Debussy and Ravel have been there and we have many opportunities to do concerts to make us known during our schooling. "

Personalized accompaniment by professionals

Reaching the notoriety of a Hector Berlioz or a Pierre Boulez and see his works played around the world, here is what animates the thirty composers on the banks of the CNSMDP, from license to master.

During their studies, they benefit from personalized support from composition professionals and a solid background in both general knowledge and digital skills. A music composition diploma for the image was also created in 2012.


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