Beds closed at Saint-Amand-Montrond hospital, “no prospect of reopening in the short term”

The twelve beds for follow-up care and rehabilitation (SSR) and the four for medicine, closed since the spring, at the Saint-Amand-Montrond hospital center, to deal with “a significant difficulty in terms of nursing staff, between posts vacancies, current absenteeism and resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic”, in the words of the time of the interim director, Alexis Jamet, have “no prospect of reopening in the short term”, announces the public establishment in a press release sent to berry republican


“The consequences are not dramatic”

The management confirms that it is “the lack of available professionals, like many other health establishments in France” which had justified its decision taken “at the beginning of April”. She specifies: “Each month since that date, the question of the reopening of these beds has arisen, and all opportunities have been studied in this direction. » premium

It’s dangerous for patients ”: the closure of beds plays the extensions at the hospital of Saint-Amand-Montrond

The return to normal had first been envisaged by management for May 3, before being postponed to May 31, according to the CGT union – a date confirmed to us by Emmanuel Riotte, chairman of the supervisory board of the company. he hospital and mayor (Les Républicains) of Saint-Amand-Montrond -, then “at the start of the school year in September”, said Alexis Jamet.

The start of the school year in September has passed and the beds have not reopened, the management “noting the absence of significant improvement in terms of the recruitment of nursing staff in particular, or even a slight deterioration”. premium

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In Saint-Amand, the closure of beds has “no impact on the proper functioning of the hospital”, assures the management

Despite the context, Emmanuel Riotte believes that “the closure of these beds has no dramatic consequences for hospital services. “There is nothing to worry about,” sums up the Saint-Amandois elected official.
Management abounds, also holding a reassuring speech: “The vacancy rate noted on the thirty-seven current beds of SSR, on the whole of the establishment, makes it possible to affirm that this closure does not has no immediate and effective impact on the supply of care to date. The hospital center therefore still has the capacity to accommodate SSR patients. »

She adds: “This situation validates the closure decision taken by the management board at the time, whether on the extent of the beds closed and the specialty concerned, and which had set as a prerequisite the absence of foreseeable consequences on the offer of care. »

The diagnosis of the unions differs. “It’s a blow for the hospital, slice Pascal Capra, of the CGT. We can only deplore this situation which leads to a reduction in the supply of care in Saint-Amandois. “Asked on the subject in May, at the time of the first extension of the closure of the beds, the latter, nurse at the Accommodation establishment for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) de la Croix-Duchet, a structure which depends on the Saint-Amandois hospital, had denounced “the state of fatigue of the staff” and “a basic understaffing”. “It’s dangerous for patients,” he warned.

“Until when are we going to close beds? »

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“Until when are we going to close beds? asks, for her part, Véronique Désir, representative of Force Ouvrière (FO). “This situation must absolutely stop,” asks the nurse’s aide, who says she is “doubtful”.

“Mr. Jamet is trying to do a completely correct continuity of care in the care of patients, she concedes, but the union cannot be happy with the closure of beds. »

According to Véronique Désir, “the personnel of the services concerned are dispatched anywhere. It is not a comfortable quality of life at work and it will be felt very quickly on the agents who are nervously tired. It is difficult to work in these conditions”. [rester] “There are reasons to be worried”, she judges, admitting [ses] on
guards”: “We must be vigilant to avoid the closure of new beds in the near future. »