A bee foraging on a clover. – pixabay

  • Flood mailboxes of clover seed to save solitary bees.
  • This is the original and rewarding operation launched by a group of organic beekeepers from Haute-Garonne.
  • To receive your bag, simply send them a stamped envelope. And to sow the seeds obviously.

It is still a story of kitty, but a beautiful story of which one makes his honey. In May 2018, Nicolas Puech, an organic beekeeper from the Haute-Garonne, loses his hives and two million bees because of a pesticide application in the neighboring field.

His case moves well beyond the Hexagon and a Leetchi kitty is created. "We have raised 4,000 euros, they will be used to pay for the trial to be held next year, says the honey producer. But we also bought from a cooperative 60 kg of clover seed, which bees are fond of.

"Solitary pollinators"

For the association Natur Miel, a group of organic beekeepers of which Nicolas Puech is a part, it is not a matter of fattening the foragers home, they already have everything they need, cajoled in their hives. "We want to save
solitary bees, pollinators living underground or in insect hotels, hit hard by pollution and disappearing at great speed, "explains the specialist.

The idea is to distribute the seeds to whoever wants, for free, so that clover squares swarm everywhere, in pots on the balconies of the cities, in a corner of garden, or in schoolyards.

To participate in the operation "Seeds of Clovers", simply send a simple stamped envelope and mentioning your address to: Natur Honey Association / Operation Clover Seeds. 508 route des Termes, 31800 Saux and Pomarède. Applications are received until March 17, when beekeepers have planned to distribute their stock in envelopes and ship them. There will be classic clover, bench or gray, but also crimson clover, "which makes beautiful red flowers".

"A simple spring sowing and good watering at the start and the trick is played," says Nicoas Puech. With his friends, he is already thinking of continuing the rescue plan next year. Maybe "with alfalfa".


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