before now it was not possible to do so

Check out a new function on WhatsApp that was not present before. So let’s see what will change for users shortly: the details.

There are always many new features on WhatsApp, with the application ready to implement an unprecedented tool to say the least. Before it was not possible to do this: so let’s find out what changes on the application.

A new feature is ready to land on the application (Via Pixabay)

After announcing the ability to generate links within the application, now WhatsApp is ready to update further. In fact it is being rolled out for the Desktop, Android and iOS versions request for info per account. He thought about revealing the details regarding the new tool WABetaInfo. In fact, according to the specialized portal, this function had been under development for some time.

Finally then the function is ready to land on all versions of the application. To find out all the details about it, just go to the WhatsApp settingsand here you will find the new function called “Request Account InfoVisible to all. This function was also introduced to meet the new rules of the GDPRwhich also requires detailed information about activitiesthe privacyil detail of devices and contacts. For anyone who wants to find out more, it will be possible to consult the WhatsApp social networks or the official website. Furthermore, for further details you can always consult the portal of WABetaInfo.

WhatsApp, rich previews arrive: the latest news on the application

The latest news coming on the application of Menlo Park (Via Screenshot)

Among the most active applications in this period we find without a shadow of a doubt WhatsApp, which as we all know is constantly updated. There is never a shortage of news on the messaging service of Meta. In fact, whether it’s the desktop version or the mobile version for iOS e Android updates are always around the corner. The topic that we are going to deal with today, however, is not a real update, but only a device. However, once implemented within the application, it will certainly be appreciated.

So going to the point we are talking about the possibility of create rich previews in case your textual status update contains a link. At the moment this novelty is not even present in the Beta version of the application. In fact it will in all likelihood be released shortly in the form of a test not only for iOSbut also for Android e desktop version. So with the new previews, WhatsApp will reveal more details regarding the link you are sharing. At the moment, however, it is not yet possible to know the timing of the release, what is certain is that this function could arrive very soon.