Before Tangmo Nida went viral, there was a slum village with no parents in Thailand, no TV & the internet, the best food for mice

GORONTALO TERRACE – Before the death of Tangmo Nida, a beautiful Thai artist, went viral on social media, apparently there was a slum and parentless village in this country dubbed a thousand pagodas.

One of the slum villages without parents, was already viral before the case of the death of Tangmo Nida, a beautiful Thai artist emerged.

One of the viral villages in Tangmo Nida’s home country, Thailand, its location is very remote and only inhabited by children without parents.

Reported by Teras Gorontalo from the YouTube channel After School, reviews about a slum village without parents in the country where Tangmo Nida was born.

It is known, on January 11, 2021, being viral in Thailand and making people in the kingdom disturbed, because there is a village without adults whose location is very remote.

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Informed, the village does not have a source of lighting, electronic equipment, as well as an internet network. Then, to eat everyday only rice and sugar. The best food they ever tasted was rats.

This slum village went viral on social media after a Thai YouTuber named Pimrypie visited the village called Mae Kerb in Omkoi District, about 300 Kilometers away from Chaing Mai.

Pimrypie came to the village, to commemorate children’s day in Thailand, which is held every year, on the first Saturday in January.