Home Business Before the announcements of Macron, new manifestations of "yellow vests"

Before the announcements of Macron, new manifestations of "yellow vests"

In Toulouse, abscess fixing this day of mobilization in the province, incidents have been opposing since mid-day protesters, which were mingled extremist militants "black blocks" to the police.

On the 21st Saturday of demonstrations, on April 6, the mobilization was the lowest since the beginning of the movement, with 22,300 participants identified in France by the Ministry of the Interior, including 3,500 in Paris.

In Paris, where the prefect of police again banned any gathering of people claiming "Yellow Vests" on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees and in a perimeter including the presidency of the Republic and the National Assembly, two events and three gatherings were declared. Protesters began to converge at the end of the morning towards the starting points of the declared processions, in the 17th district and the district of the place of the Nation (XIIe).

Gathering prohibited

As in Paris, gatherings of "Yellow Vests" have been banned in sensitive areas of major provincial cities, such as the city center of Lille (North) or the Capitol Square in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). The "Yellow Vests" have made Toulouse the main rallying point of this 22nd day in the province, with calls, on social networks and walls of the city, to "take over" the Capitol Square, where the town hall is located .

It was thus possible to read this week on the walls of the rue d'Alsace-Lorraine: "March 16, the rich lose the Champs, April 13 we take the Capitol" – referring to the rampage of the Champs-Elysees which marked the demonstrations of 16 March.

Calls for "a dark day and national mobilization to fight against Macron and his world" were broadcast on social networks. "Let's show them that everything is just beginning," read one of these messages. The Toulouse demonstration began around noon at the Jean-Jaurès metro, towards which the first protesters had begun to converge around 10:00.

Tensions in Toulouse

Soon, demonstrators, who set fire to a construction site and a two-wheeler, clashed on the Alleys Jean-Jaurès to the police, who used tear gas grenades and désencclement.

Several people were arrested in front of the cameras of the television crews present. Two figures of the movement of "Yellow Vests" were announced: Maxime Nicolle, aka "Fly Rider", actually seen among the protesters, and Priscillia Ludosky.

The mayor Les Républicains (LR) of Toulouse, Jean-Claude Moudenc, had said he expected "a greater mobilization" than last weekend and declared himself "somewhat worried", despite additional resources obtained by the prefect. In the early afternoon, a Reuters correspondent in Toulouse estimated the number of protesters between 2,000 and 2,500.

The head of state must draw in the coming days the conclusions of the "great national debate" launched on January 15 to respond to this movement with heterogeneous claims.

Powerful and concrete measures

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe promised Tuesday to the National Assembly "powerful and concrete decisions", especially in the field of taxation, but the mystery remains on the tracks that will ultimately be retained by the executive.

Its room for maneuver budget is however reduced, after the announcement in early December of measures in favor of purchasing power costed at ten billion euros, and skepticism, not to say the distrust, reigns in the ranks of "Vests "who have largely shunned the" great national debate ". "Opens for the President of the Republic Act II of his five-year term.He will have no second chance," warns in Le Figaro President LR of the Senate, Gerard Larcher.

Polemic on the anti-breakers law

This 22nd mobilization Saturday is the first in which the prefects will be able to rely on the law "anti-casseurs" promulgated on April 10 but deprived by the Constitutional Council of one of its main provisions.

Article 3 censored authorized the prefects to prohibit any person "in respect of which there are serious reasons to believe that his conduct constitutes a threat of particular gravity to public order". Remains on the other hand, in particular, the crime of dissimulation of the face "without legitimate reason" in a demonstration, punishable by one year of prison and 15.000 euros of fine


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