Before the Rote Flora Beatsteaks rock against right-hand push

Before the Rote Flora Beatsteaks rock against right-hand push

Red rain ponchos hopped up and down, sneakers slithered over the wet cobblestones of the shoulder blade, “Big Attack” boomed from the huge boxes on the steps in front of the Red Flora. The Beatsteaks rocked against the right-hand shift and thrilled their fans. Actually, the concert should be a huge encore weeks ago: One day after their spectacular demolition in the Alsterdorfer sports hall, the Beatsteaks wanted to give the hamburgers a big party in and in front of the Flora in April. But it did not get to that. Singer’s voice gone – Concert canceled ,
Now the band caught up with their solidarity concert. For the Rote Flora it was the start of their festival for the G20 anniversary, for the fans a really good gig. When do you get so close to the Berlin boys ?! But those who wanted to see her in the flora had to queue for hours before the concert began. Everyone else just celebrated outside. After months of sunshine, the Hamburgers can finally regain their true strength: ignore rain and celebrate! When “hand in hand” all sweaty but happy jump into the huge mosh pit in the middle of the road, the evening is perfect. You might also be interested in

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