Behavior Interactive announces first DLC for Meet Your Maker

Behavior Interactive, the studio behind Dead by Daylightannounces today the release of a DLC for Meet Your Maker known, which is intended exclusively for the current playtest. This pack will include a new guardian, a new weapon, and a Castle Siege Deco Pack contain. The DLC demonstrates Behavior Interactive’s commitment to making this new IP a challenging game with constantly new content that’s built for the long term.

To the closed playtest DLC Meet Your Maker Contains a new Warden called Cannonback, a weapon called Plasma Bow, and a Castle Siege Decoration Pack. The Cannonback Sentinel has the longest range of any Sentinel, capable of taking down invaders under a barrage of bombs. The Plasma Bow is a fast-firing ranged weapon with a large ammo capacity, ideal for neutralizing heavily guarded areas. That Castle Siege Deco Pack Includes a set of brick and wooden blocks, props, and stickers that players can use to build everything from deep, dark dungeons to impregnable fortresses.

“Based at its core Meet Your Maker on user-generated content and player interaction,” explains Ash Pannell, Creative Director of Meet Your Maker. “We want Builders and Raiders to have just as much fun no matter what role they choose to play. Players will be motivated to keep refining their strategies as more characters, weapons and the Castle Siege Deco Pack are available, which guarantees a high replay value of the game.”

In the closed playtest, players have the opportunity to use the additional DLC and test it extensively. The closed playtest is still running. Players who would like to participate can register on the Meet Your Maker-Login site:

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More information will be announced at a later date.

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