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Behind Marine Le Pen's ecological shift, the obsession with immigration

For the President of the National Gathering, ecology begins with the protection of borders and nations.

By Nabil Wakim and Lucie Soullier Posted today at 05:19

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Marine Le Pen during a visit to Tampon, on the island of Reunion, March 29.
Marine Le Pen during a visit to Tampon, on the island of Reunion, March 29. RICHARD BOUHET / AFP

"Localism. " The former FN has definitely found his concept totem. No televised debate, no campaign exit without this "Localism" be agitated by a far right party lieutenant to display his new ecological conscience. And that's Marine Le Pen brandishing it again in an interview with Parisian, Saturday, April 13, to present his "Vision of Europe".

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"Vision" it will develop Monday, April 15, in Strasbourg. The National Gathering (RN) must indeed reveal its program for the European election as well as "Manifest" for "The European Alliance of Nations", whose Hervé Juvin was "The kingpin"according to the staff of the far-right party.

The nationalist and conservative 63-year-old essayist, who is ranked fifth on the list of RNs in Europe, has been touted as the new standard bearer. "Green intellectual" party. Marine Le Pen itself is largely inspired by this guarantee, all the more welcome as ecology has become a campaign argument for all political parties.

Since the launch of its European offensive, the boss of the RN does not miss an opportunity to show the green turn of his party. In February, the visit of an outdoor pig farm in Maizières-les-Joinville (Haute-Marne) becomes the pretext for its head of the list, Jordan Bardella, to affirm that " we can not do ecology without borders ". A few weeks later, Marine Le Pen swears in Seine-et-Marne that the RN now defends "A totally alternative vision" of ecology, namely "The protection of ecosystems, starting with the human ecosystems of nations".

Concept of "localism"

Analysis "Alternative" far from being new to the far right. By the end of the 1960s, Alain de Benoist and Greece (the research and study group for European civilization, conceived as a "new right" identity and nationalist preaching the difference between peoples) were already developing the themes of the "Localism" and radical anti-globalization ecology. "For them, the true ecologists are those who take into account immigration as a determining factor of cultural and / or ethnic imbalance", analyzes the historian specialist of the far right Stéphane François. A design whose Marine Le Pen RN now seems to be closer.


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