Behind the scenes of the influencer business: How do they actually make money promoting brands?

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Influencer marketing is getting stronger in the Czech Republic. More and more companies are looking for a way to reach a specific target group better and more efficiently. Promotion on the social network TikTok, which is currently used by up to two million Czechs, is on the rise. Video content pulls, and influencer marketing is also more effective here. This is also strengthened if brands give influencers more freedom in the creation of their content.

They do not completely dictate the way, but rather say how they would imagine it, what must or must not sound, because some companies do not want the names of other companies to sound, which is probably understandable, but they usually leave us a freer hand, says the influencer Klára Jonášováwho has over 414K followers on TikTok, adding:

When they choose an influencer, I think or hope that they know how the influencer makes ads and how they work and why they chose him. adds Jonášová.

Choosing an influencer must be careful. Today, follower numbers no longer decide, but an important factor is how an influencer deals creatively with a commercial message, what kind of content they have and also what networks they are on today. It thus creates a diverse impact, because each social network has a different age group of users.

If you want to reach a younger target group, it’s not really on Facebook anymore. Instagram has the advantage that you can reach a wider target group there, both younger and older. And TikTok is of course a platform especially for the younger generation. But a little bit older people also appear there, because they actually switch from Instagram to TikTok because they hear it from young users. And cosmetic brands are already really using TikTok in their campaigns precisely because they are starting to focus mainly on video content. Today, if you show a product in a photo, it doesn’t have the same impact, it doesn’t have the same response as if you make a video. That’s why Instagram promotes video content a lot, and TikTok is built only on video content, points out Andrea HurychováManaging Director agentury WeDigital.

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After all, video content has recently become increasingly popular and is even more sought after by brands. The reason is simple, because it has better performance and thus offers influencers better opportunities to earn more through cooperation.

It is true that influencer marketing has, I would say, an excellent conversion rate. This means that you will lead the client to make a purchase very quickly, because we develop so-called banner blindness in relation to classic advertising. In other words, the rational part of our brain will say, Hey, that’s an ad, I don’t care. We are disconnecting from that. When an ad is playing on TV, you pick up your phone, switch, etc. Whereas with influencer marketing, the advertising and promotion is part of that person’s organic content and looks very authentic. An adult can manage these rational processes much better, but a child or teenager really can’t hltá, adds his psychological perspective Adam Kulhanek from the Addiction Clinic.

Social networks also offer us an abundance of advertising messages. How does it work in practice? What an influencer can and cannot afford and how dangerous can advertising messages be to children and teenagers? These and other questions will be answered by Podnikatel+ podcast