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Behind the scenes with HBO Barrys Anthony Carrigan – AiPT!

There are some shows that are so unique and special that you have to see them. breaking Bad and mad Men and lately HBOs Barry, This dark comedy shows a hitman trying to retreat from killing, but he just does not seem to be free from this world.

The first season of the show won two Emmys for acting and a writer's guild award. Due to the good season of the second season, I suspect that prices will continue to come. This is mainly due to the clever premise, but also to the actors, to whom the actor Anthony Carrigan, who plays Noho Hank belongs. The second season was even hotter than the first, and this is mainly due to Anthony Carrigan, who is partially friend and partial opponent of the series leader Barry played by Bill Hader.

I was lucky enough to talk to Carrigan about last season Barryhis work as Victor Zsasz Gothamwhich superhero he would like to play in a Marvel Studios movie, and much more!

AiPT !: I always tell people that the funniest character is not Bill Hader, but Anthony Carrigan. I just want to see you in every kind of comedy I can think of when I'm watching Barry I wonder if that's all script because it feels like there's a lot happening right now. as if you are riffing

AC: Yes. We do a lot of improvisation. I mean, the scenes in the episode are already so good. It feels like it almost feels like a crime to deviate from it. But when you're there and when you work with people who are so incredibly talented, like Bill, for example, he has such a strong background in riffing and improvising. it's hard not to throw a curvy ball and every now and then you really have to get on your feet. It generally leads to the best things, you know, because it's just spontaneous and spontaneous.

AiPT !: It's probably more fun in a way, too.

AC: Yes. It's really fun. I mean, it's scary because you do not know what you're going to say. And you just kind of trust the characters you've built up. You basically just channel it.

AiPT !: Is not it hard not to break when you are in this role?

AC: Yes! It's so easy to break because everyone is so funny. And some of the circumstances are just so ridiculous that it's really hard to keep a straight face.

AiPT !: I love the direction in which they also take your character. Noho is clearly a character who wants to be loved and wants friends. Now that he's such a mob boss, what do you think is the American dream of Nohos? What does he want besides friends?

AC: I mean yes. Friends definitely. He wants a good community that he can rely on. And in terms of emotional needs and emotional support. Obviously. But I do not know, I have the feeling that he is certainly someone who pleases a people. He wants to take care of people. I think he would do something in the hotel industry. Most likely.

AiPT !: Do you have a backstory for Noho or did they give you a backstory when you took on the role?

AC: Well, you know, this is the weird thing, you do not really get too much, and I talked to Bill Hader and Alec Berg about his background story. Until it comes to success, you have to put it together somehow very large. So I have an idea of ​​his background story. To some extent and certain things that help me somehow embody it. But the very specific details are limited.

AiPT !: That probably makes it easier to tackle each scene differently.

AC: Yes exactly.

AiPT !: In the first two episodes, we saw your character being bullied in some way, and we saw him go from zero to 100 in emotions. Is it difficult to change from the Happy Quipping character to one of the darkest characters in the show?

AC: Personally, I really feel for Hank because he means really well. He is such an optimistic and happy person, but you know that everyone has a line after which you are crossed, you know that they have to stand up for themselves. Barry, who somehow calls him an idiot, really hurt his feelings. And when someone has to hurt their feelings, the pain comes to light as rage and darkness.

AiPT !: Here is a stupid question. How do you think Hank would be in Cousineau's acting class

AC: I really thought about it. That's something I really thought about. I think he would certainly be one of the most zealous students. That's for sure. I like to think that he knows very well about physical comedy. Who knows that in the end he might surprise everyone with a brilliant Chekhov monologue. Completely in Russian. This is just a wow and he just does not know what he just did.

AiPT !: Is there really a favorite moment or scene that you've shot so far this season? Of course you can not spoil anything.

AC: Yes. Honestly, the first scene where Hank somehow defends himself against Barry. That was a really funny thing for me, because it was another side of Hank and a side effect that I was very excited to start making music; but also because Hank was the closest to the acting class. I think the show works so that there are all these different types of worlds, and the closer the world gets together, the more dangerous it becomes.

AiPT !: The more chaotic it gets, the closer the worlds come.

AC: Law. That and then the scene where we were in the car at the beginning of the second episode, just because we just could not stop laughing.

AiPT !: With Noho Hank, but also with Victor Zsasz and The Mist in Flash you have a thing for lively characters. You've already played two characters in superheroes, so I'd like to ask you, because our site has a lot to do with superheroes. If you could be a Marvel or DC superhero, or a villain, which one would you like to play?

AC: That's a great question. Well, honestly, I think I would love to play Silver Surfer. And I do not think it's such a stretch because you know that I already have no hair, eyebrows or eyelashes. I literally just need some silver paint. And then a thong.

AiPT !: This is an interesting character because you can be funny and introspective and interesting somehow.

AC: Oh yeah. I feel like I have a field day with something else that would honor the comic, but it also produces something unique.

AiPT !: Do you read comic books?

AC: Here and there. I have a healthy respect for people who actually read comic books, and I can say that I'm not a megafan. I certainly love graphic novels. And I was interested in my roles preparing for Victor Zsasz. And even found some stuff online for The Mist.

AiPT !: Zsasz is such a key player in Batman, and I can not believe I have not seen him in a more prominent role in the films yet.

AC: Yes, he will actually be in the movie Birds of Prey. That's really exciting. Chris Messina will play Zsasz. I'm really curious what he's doing with it. I love it when a new actor accepts a character just because it's really fun to see what he's going to do with it, you know, one way or the other, Joker! "But can you imagine if they withdrew the joker to Jack Nicholson? Then you would not have gotten the performance of Heath Ledger.

AiPT !: Exactly. Yes, Joker is a really good choice because people are still upset on both sides, who is the best joker and what is not.

AC: Law. What's cool is that there is always room for interpretation and these stories can be told over and over again. I mean, Shakespeare. People will still see Shakespeare plays, and these plays have been played for hundreds of years.

AiPT !: And film directors make adjustments again and again.

AC: Exactly.

AiPT !: Do you know the hero's journey?

AC: Yes, Joseph Campbell. Absolute.

AiPT !: I'm curious, could you put Noho on the hero's journey? If so, where would he be on this circular journey?

AC: Oh, I do not really know, because I think I feel that this can not be done in the context of the whole story. But I think that's a good question.

AIPT! Is the show only about 20 percent through the arc of its entire history?

AC: I dont know. That's one of the things you do not really know until it's over.

AiPT !: I thought in episode 3, Barry accompanies him in a way that helps him with this army. Maybe he has reached the mentoring as with Obi-Wan and Luke.

AC: Exactly the kind of teacher and the disciple. I think that could be for sure and that could in a way play. But I do not know. I mean, hopefully there will be a lot more. And this is certainly a time of year when it comes to the true nature of human beings and how much they struggle to keep it at bay.

AiPT !: That is well said. Now when do you host SNL?

AC: Oh man, I have not got the call yet, but …

AiPT !: Would you take it?

AC: Yes. Of course I would take it. That would be crazy. That would be crazy to refuse. 2027th [laughs]

AiPT !: [laughs] Well. I can not wait for my calendar and can not wait for the episode.

AC: Kind. [laughs],

AiPT !: Thank you for your time. I think that was a lot of fun.

AC: So much fun! Many Thanks. It was a great interview.

AiPT !: Many Thanks.


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