Beijing raises levels of Covid-19 containment, carpet testing again Shanghai begins to ease after two days of no cases of infection

BEIJING (Reuters) – Beijing stepped up its coronavirus containment measures on Sunday as Shanghai eased some residents to get fresh air outside their homes after no confirmed cases outside the quarantine for two days in a row.

Covid-19 outbreak in Shanghai starting in March It is China’s worst outbreak since the disease spread in the early 2020s, with hundreds of thousands of infections. and people were forbidden to leave their homes. causing great dissatisfaction for many people

Outbreak in Shanghai, the country’s most populous city And the risk of an outbreak in Beijing is a key test of its zero-tolerance policy, while Xi Jinping is expected to will hold the presidency for a third term in an unprecedented manner

Ten digits of daily cases in Beijing entered the 10th day of the outbreak on Sunday. without enforcing the lockdown order But more than 300 local cases have been quarantined since April 22.

However, on Sunday, Beijing announced the lifting of social distancing rules. and began carpeting for COVID-19 testing in Chaoyang District This is the area with the most people and the most severe outbreaks. Public health officials knocked on every door to warn residents to go get tested.

Last week, 22 million people in the Chinese capital had to undergo coronavirus testing in most of the 16 districts, with all entertainment venues suspended. and forbidden to sit and eat in the restaurant

Universal Studios Beijing is closed on Sunday. While the Badaling Gate This is the most visited part of the Great Wall of China. Require tourists to show a negative covid test before entering the area.

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Meanwhile, the city-wide lockdown from early April has completely changed the daily lives of Shanghai residents. and trigger food concerns including the fear that Must be taken to a tightly packed detention center if an infection is detected.

Extreme measures to block residential buildings This includes setting up a fence at the entrance to the building. making the people more angry Some chose to vent their dissatisfaction on social media. And some people knock on pots and pans outside the window. Some clashed with health officials.

On Saturday (April 30), a group of orchestral musicians played “Doo You Here The People Sing?” from home and released the clip online. It was shared almost 19,000 times before it was blocked. The song is from the musical “Les Miserabs” and is the theme song for the current Shanghai protests.

However, even many areas are still locked down. But Shanghai officials announced on Sunday that will relax restrictions in some areas after controlling the risk of the Covid-19 outbreak. at the community level Excluding those infected in quarantine centers.

Gu Honghui, a senior government official, said six of the 16 districts in Shanghai had been granted coronavirus-free status. This means that no new infections have been found for 3 days in a row.

Public transport will be re-authorized in five districts, but residents are still barred from traveling outside of the districts. But you can go shopping in supermarkets, drugstores, and go to the hospital.

Although the number of infected people has decreased But Shanghai will start a new round of PCR and antigen testing from Sunday until the 7th.

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China reported 8,256 local cases on Saturday, down from 10,703 on Friday, 59 of which were in Beijing, while Shanghai recorded 7,872 new cases and all deaths across the country. 38 people are in this city