World Beijing relaunches threat of annexation of Taiwan

Beijing relaunches threat of annexation of Taiwan


The triumph of Tsai irritates China, which warns that it reserves the use of force against any "provocation" of the re-elected president

Like a slap in the face. This is how the results of the elections in Taiwan last Saturday have been set in China, in which the progressive and current president, Tsai Ing Wen, won an overwhelming victory over the closest candidate to Beijing, Han Kuo Yu, of the Kuomintang ( KMT) Since the outcome was known, the mainland media in China have put the printing presses to work at full speed to make it clear that the re-election of this lawyer will not make a dent in her firm intentions to reunify both territories, while they have warned that it is a national matter in which other countries should not interfere.

The key to achieving your desired goal will be to maintain “the basic principles of‘ peaceful reunification ’and‘ a country, two systems ’and the principle of a China to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, ”said Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the Taiwan Labor Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, with analysis by various experts warning that, without a doubt, the current situation will increase the tension between both sides of the Formosa Strait. Of course, they also point out that China will not resort to drastic measures due to the serious consequences that such a confrontation could have in the region.

Nevertheless, The peaceful route could always be energized if Taiwan took other paths as a declaration of independence. "We strongly oppose separatist attempts and acts that seek la Taiwan independence’ in any way "Ma added. The Chinese authorities are aware that the leader of the sovereign Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) managed to pass the revalidation by bringing together voters from other political formations around the idea of ​​sovereignty and defense of Taiwanese democracy against the Mainland China; and the rejection of the controversial formula proposed by Beijing for the island of "one country, two systems" that governs Hong Kong, where images of the violent clashes that have been going on for months have been recorded in the Taiwanese retina .

The "probability of a war is small, but still possible", said Ray Wang, a professor at the Taiwanese National University of Chengchi, at a forum held yesterday in Taipei to analyze the outcome of the elections and their possible impact on relations between the two countries. In that line, he pronounced – in one of his already so common editorial videos – Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the "Global Times" – CPC speaker. He said, "Avoiding the secession of Taiwan is the absolute will of the 1.4 billion Chinese and the measures to be taken in this regard do not matter". He also insisted on the idea that Taiwan is a matter of China and third nations should not interfere. Above all, the United States, with whom China has several fronts open. “The US should not consider the public opinion of Taiwanese society without taking into account the public opinion of the continent. If Washington supports Tsai carrying out some provocative movement, they will have to carry the consequences, ”he said.

Warnings aside, China's most feasible options in this regard to increase pressure after the elections go through intensify military exercises around the island, as he did before the elections when he sailed with his aircraft carrier across the Taiwan Strait; or steal any of the 15 diplomatic allies that Taipei has left. In one way or another, only time will show which way Beijing decides to take, if it continues with the tactics of the stick and the carrot or leans on the military route.

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