“Being Mario Götze”: Lack of empathy: Götze criticizes former coach Guardiola sharp


Mario Götze never was happy in Munich. After his move from BVB to record champion Götze could not build on the successful times in Dortmund. In the reportage “Being Mario Götze” by “DAZN” Götze describes the grievances that prevailed between him and the Catalan.
Mario Götze accuses Pep Guardiola lack of empathy. In the four-part report series “Being Mario Götze” by “DAZN”, the BVB star has commented on his relationship to former coach Guardiola. Götze makes the Spaniard responsible for his failure in Munich. Technically, the Catalan was indeed one of the best coach, which was an asset to him and his knowledge of football. Empowerment Guardiolas rather less pronounced Guardiola think but only in this grid and leave the man outside. Götze continues: “For me in the situation as a young player, who came from Dortmund to Munich, I generally had the feeling that the empathy was not so pronounced.” That was not easy for him, especially because he was in Jürgen Klopp had previously had something like a father figure in football.
Matthias Sammer, who also has a say in the reportage, partially confirms Götze’s statement: Mario is a player who must feel love and trust. At the same time Guardiola was eaten by ambition – in a positive sense – and sometimes have too little peace and sovereignty in his decisions. Video: BVB brings Werders Delaney – is he the leader they so desperately need?


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