Belarus is asking for a 39 percent increase in the oil transit fee from January

“We received the relevant letter from our Belarusian colleagues with a request to increase the tariff by 39 percent on the grounds that they expect the volume of transported oil in their system to drop by half from next year,” said Transnefti spokesman Igor Ďomin.

The state company Transneft is a monopoly operator of oil pipelines. Among others, the Yamal-Europe and Druzhba pipelines run through Belarus.

Starting in January, Ukraine also wants to increase the fee for the transit of oil to Hungary and Slovakia, Bloomberg Ďomin confirmed Monday’s report. He said that Transneft received a letter from the operator of the Ukrainian oil pipeline network Ukrtransnafta, in which the Ukrainian company requests an increase in tariffs for the transit of oil through the Druzhba pipeline through Ukraine.

The Ukrainian company claims that it is forced to raise the price because the Russians damaged its energy infrastructure.

Oil is the cheapest since January


Ukraine wants to increase the oil transit fee by more than 18 percent to 13.60 euros (331 CZK) per ton. Higher fees will affect the Czech Republic as well, but according to analysts, they will not be reflected at gas stations.

The European Union agreed to stop importing Russian oil from December 5 and oil products two months later. On the same date, the price ceiling for oil deliveries by sea is to begin, but the partners have not yet agreed on its specific amount.

The transportation of crude oil via the Druzhba pipeline will be temporarily exempted from the embargo. The embargo is part of the sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

The Druzhba pipeline starts in Russia on the eastern bank of the Volga and divides into two branches in Belarus – the northern leads to Poland and Germany, the southern through Ukraine to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.